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Sportsklubben Brann

Sportsklubben Brann

Women's Head of Performance

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Jan 19, 2023

Role description

Job description

We are looking for someone responsible for the physical development of our women's team in a 100% position.
The person being sought will report to the head coach.
The person we are looking for will be primarily responsible for the physical development of players on SK Brann's women's team.
The person will also work with the club's medical team to coordinate the delivery of injury prevention programs and follow-up of players who are injured.
The position will also be able to be involved as a small part of an associate in our unique collaboration with NTG related to content, follow-up of physical training, timely program and priorities in the training work and the student's development phase.


Develop and monitor the physical fitness and performance of all players on the women's team, players who are visiting or on loan.
Together with the head coach, you will be involved in the planning and follow-up of the training and match load for all players.
Create and follow up individual training programs for endurance, strength and injury prevention for all players.
Collecting and reporting data from GPS will be an important tool to ensure that players meet the physical requirements that are necessary.
Responsible for planning and carrying out physical test days.
Follow-up of players returning from injury. This will be an important focus in the daily work, and must be done in collaboration with the medical apparatus and head coach.


Sports physiology and exercise-related education.
Experience from football, preferably at the top level.
Knowledge and experience of working with GPS data.
Experience and knowledge in physical training in football and preferably have knowledge of "train women as women".
Knowledge of periodization and microdosing in football.
Team player, good social competence and good communication skills in English and/or Norwegian.


Wages in accordance with agreement.
Start up as soon as possible.
You will be part of the coaching team for the women's team in SK Brann.
You will work closely with the club's medical apparatus.
Place of work is primarily Brann Stadion.
Working hours are primarily daytime, but football is "all-consuming" so you must be prepared to work in the evenings and at weekends as well.

We encourage women to apply.

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