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Vitória Sport Clube

Vitória Sport Clube

Women's Football Coach


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First Team

May 3, 2024


Founded on September 22, 1922, Vitória Sport Clube is today one of the biggest institutions and references in Portuguese football, participating successfully in the most varied national and international competitions. With 101 years of history, Clube do Rei, as it is often called, is recognized for having one of the most passionate and fervent groups of fans.

Vitória Sport Clube is currently recruiting Coaches to join the Women's Football Department (M/F).


Training guidance and methodology
Player development
Motivation and group management
Development of the Club's values


Coach Title (TPTD)
Good communication and teaching skills
Dedication, ambition and motivation
Education, values ​​and ethics

If you think you have the profile we are looking for, apply and join the team!

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