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Blackburn Rovers FC

Blackburn Rovers FC

Women’s Strength and Conditioning Coach


Role Type



Posting Date

Aug 21, 2023

Role description

1. Job purpose:
- Ensure players experience a physical performance programme that supports the club blueprint and delivers high quality athletes who are balanced, autonomous and adaptable.- Players experience a safe, secure, and supportive environment.- Be an advocate and guardian of the women and girls’ game.

2. Duties and responsibilities:
Physical Performance Development- Contribute to the Women blueprint/curriculum ensuring there is S&C provision which complements the football programme.- Understand the physical plan within the first team, ensuring delivery aligns.- Deliver the physical development programme, including:o Design and deliver individualised athletic development programmes as well as group training sessionso Provide injury rehabilitation training of players as directed by the physiotherapist/sports therapist, in preparation for return to trainingo Design and deliver a fitness testing programme. Use the results to drive group and individual training programmeso Work with Physiotherapist/Sports Therapist to develop and support an activation/prehab programme- Maintain a comprehensive database of work conducted with athletes and coaches. Keep records which meet the standard required by The FA and the appropriate professional bodies.- Communicate with players and staff in the event of S&C related queries, generally and specifically. Educate and support players with regard to their role in supporting their own physical development, injury prevention, injury care, recovery, diet and other factors relating to lifestyle away from the footballing environment. Multi-disciplinary Working & Being Part of the Club and Culture- Advise and direct other staff on the needs of players. Attend case management meetings and provide professional opinion/input.- Educate coaches on the S&C provision and embedding physical outcomes within technical sessions.- Work with Safeguarding staff to ensure that the wellbeing and welfare of all players and staff is always an operational priority.- Be a part of the weekly review process for all players and work as a key member of the multi-disciplinary team.
- Produce regular reports to the Head Coach on updates and the progress being made.- Record and produce analysis of all operating systems namely GPS for player loading and management to the staff and player groups.- Look to develop relationships with organisation where the club may have the opportunity to develop innovative strategies in regards to sports science.- Be open to conversations in players regarding their development. Approach these with sound knowledge, care and understanding.Self-Development- Seek feedback from others, and reflect on personal behaviour and performance to identify areas for improvement.- Keep abreast of current research and evidence-based practice in the S&C field. Practitioners should undertake CPD in line with their professional body guidelines.- Keep professional qualification up to date and active by completing the relevant number of CPD points as stipulated by their awarding body.- Create and maintain a personalised Development Action Plan (DAP), taking input and feedback from a variety of sources.- Participate in internal and external professional development activities and demonstrate a commitment to undertake on-going formal education programmes.- Review personal competencies against job specification and identify areas for improvement.- Attend CPD events and undertake CPD activities in line with identified development themes.

3. Skills required:
Motivation- Demonstrates curiosity to learn and develop.- Has a desire to progress in the women game- Motivated to take a role in creating a positive performance culture- Takes pride in delivering high quality work- Enjoys sharing knowledge, and developing people & their professional capability- Is willing to commit to work evenings, weekends and public holidays.
Resilience- Is willing / able to flex and change with the demands of a situation- Has strategies for self-management and maintaining work-life balance- Can self-manage in the moment. Eg maintains awareness of body language, energy state, & verbal comms, and can amend in the moment if required- Is able to ‘let go’ and acknowledge decisions will be made that they cannot control
Interpersonal Skills- Is a good listener- Is approachable to players, staff, coaches, parents- Has strong communication skills; uses understandable language that relatable to different age groups- Earns trust by being respectful, supportive, and transparent.- Shows an interest and genuine care about player needs. Treats players as humans by providing personalised support and communication- Can communicate difficult decisions with firmness and compassion.- Works confidentially where appropriate.
Thinking Skills- Highly organised, able to plan & organise to meet deadlines- Makes evidence-based decisions based on a range of inputs (e.g., datapoints from own and MDT colleagues’ departments)- Is creative and inventive in managing a finite budget- Considers the impact of decisions- Is open to feedback and other peoples’ ideas

4. Knowledge required:
Has developed an understanding of the application of strength & conditioning in an applied team setting. Experience in Womens and girls football, and has knowledge of how key S&C concepts pertain to Womens and girls football. Experiences which have brought understanding of internal and external load monitoring, including GPS and heart rate monitoring. Experience of developing & delivering individual and group physical preparation and recovery strategies for females Knowledge of injury minimisation strategies. Has an up to date understanding of Protection and Safeguarding procedures

5. Qualifications required:
- BSC in Sports Science or a Sport Science related discipline.- Hold UK Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA) or ASCC accreditation. If accreditation has not been obtained, evidence must be provided to demonstrate an ability to working towards obtaining it, including, but not exclusive to, the attendance of workshops.- FA Level 2 Introduction to First Aid in Football (EFAiF) or FA Emergency First Aid.- Be a UKAD Clean Sport advisor

DBS Check Required: Yes (enhanced)

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