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Northampton Town FC Community Trust

Northampton Town FC Community Trust

Women’s Physical Performance Coach


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Nov 23, 2023


We are looking for a dedicated qualified Physical Performance Coach with experience in strength conditioning to join our senior women team coaching staff.The role requires candidates to be able: 1) To plan and deliver Physical Performance and injury prevention sessions the NTFC senior Women team. 2) To be available for pitch based support on Tuesday, Thursday and Match days (Sunday and potentially Wednesdays at times). 3) To provide advice and guidance toward any additional individualised or specific physical work required by players.

Duties and responsibilities:● Upholding and delivering to the purpose and mission of NTFC Community Trust, following the ethos of the club.● Delivering age appropriate, structured and safe sessions to players of the NTFC Women and Girls Club.● Offering online support and learning to players where appropriate.● Contribute to the creation of a learning environment that is inspiring, dynamic, challenging and educational.● Motivating and mentoring the players and ensuring you are a positive role model to the players at all times.● Maintaining administrative records and confidentiality where appropriate.● Support for the team/colleagues on matchdays.● Ensuring safety for all participants by undertaking health and safety checks before each activity and adopting the Community Trust safeguarding procedures.● Ensuring that any and all safeguarding concerns are recorded and reported/passed on to the NTFC CT Designated Safeguarding Officer immediately.

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