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Blackburn Rovers FC

Blackburn Rovers FC

Women’s First Team Coach


Role Type



Posting Date

Aug 21, 2023

Role description

1. Job purpose:

To support the Head Coach in coaching the Women First Team in preparation for fixtures and to help assist at all First Team fixtures.

2. Duties and responsibilities:

To be committed to ensuring the safeguarding and welfare of all staff, players, spectators, customers and/or clients of the club;
To be organised and punctual at all times and be approachable for all players;
Support the First Team Head Coach with planning, preparation, delivery and evaluation of coaching sessions;
Work according to Blackburn Rovers philosophy and values;
To plan, prepare and evaluate relevant and specific coaching sessions for the players according to the philosophy of play;
Ensure all players receive weekly targets that are related to the coaching curriculum and receive feedback in relation to that target each week;
Interact with players to ensure the full review platform is a two-way process;
Work with individual players set appropriated development targets with a plan to work towards;
Provide feedback to players (using technology where appropriate);
Liaise with and work closely with coaches, medics and performance staff regarding player development, and prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries;
Work with the Safeguarding and Welfare Officer to ensure that the wellbeing and welfare of all players and staff is always an operational priority;
Create and maintain a personalised Development Action Plan (DAP), taking input and feedback from a variety of sources;
Attend CPD events and undertake CPD activities in line with identified development themes; and
Any other duties as reaosnably required and assigned by the Head Coach.

3. Skills required:

Holds a desire to progress in the women game;
Demonstrates curiosity to learn and develop;
Motivated to create a positive performance culture;
Takes pride in delivering high quality work;
Strong communication skills;
Able to earn trust by being respectful, supportive, and transparent;
Is approachable and relatable;
Able to build strong and personal relationships;
Encourages open, two-way communication;
Highly organised, able to plan and organise to meet deadlines; and
Is open to feedback and other peoples’ ideas

4. Knowledge required:

Knowledge of Safeguarding/child protection policies and procedures;
Knowledge of Professional Game Academies and Emerging Talent Centers;
Knowledge and experience of implementing various training models;
Knowledge of IDP Frameworks and appraisal processes; and
Knowledge of developing a player development model at senior level.

5. Qualifications required:

UEFA A Licence (Essential) or working towards;
FA Youth Award;
FA First Aid; and
FA Safeguarding

DBS Check Required:

Yes (enhanced)

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