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Port Vale Foundation

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Mar 19, 2024


Port Vale Foundation use the power of Port Vale Football Club to create opportunities to engage, motivate and inspire people to improve their lives and their communities.
We are a values led organisation and strive to live and breathe them each and every day. Our values are: Passionate We are passionate about supporting the people of Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire to improve their lives and their communities Collaborative We foster and develop innovative partnership with wide ranging organisations to maximise our impact and outcomes Integrity We use a robust evidence base and proven practice to inform decisions, measure impact and sustain our activity Inclusive We create opportunities for everyone from every background to take part in our programmes and have positive experiences, which lead them to fulfil their potential Excellence We provide high quality experiences and support for participants, partners, professionals and staff Proud We celebrate success and are visible to everyone, meaning we are valued by our club, our partners and our community.
In order to fulfil our mission, we are actively looking to contribute to local, regional and national priorities, using the Port Vale Football Club Foundation brand to positively impact on a range of agendas such as increasing sport and physical activity, improving health, increasing education standards and improving community cohesion.
To focus and influence the Port Vale FC Foundation in achieving our mission whilst supporting and tackling local priorities, our work is categorised under four core areas: Sport Physical Activity Health Well-being Education Employability Community Engagement
Under each of our areas, we also identify a number of priorities for Port Vale FC Foundation Trust that are aligned to various local, regional and national plans and strategies ensuring that our work contributes to the wider strategic context for Sport, Health, Education and Inclusion.

Port Vale Foundation is an independent and registered charity. We use the power Port Vale Football Club to create opportunities through the power of the football club to engage, motivate and inspire people from all sections of our community, helping them to fulfill their potential.
To support the growth of Port Vale Foundations Health and Wellbeing sector, we are looking to appoint highly motivated, skilled and passionate individuals to join our team.
Our health and wellbeing offer is a growing area for the foundation and this role represents a great opportunity to be as part of a team developing Port Vale Foundation Health programmes.

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