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Espoo Palloseura

Espoo Palloseura

U11 Coach


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Apr 24, 2024


What has made football great? Popularity, players, fans? Or perhaps how its effects can also be felt off the field. Espoo Palloseura creates a football culture that cannot be chained to the framework of playing time. Sport is about setting goals, achieving them, working hard and overcoming yourself. EPS's club culture is nationally recognized for its high-quality activities. Everyone involved in EPS's activities proudly carries EPS values ​​and has the courage to be themselves. With high-quality football activities, we create the basis for goal-oriented activities, unyieldingness and fair play. We want everyone to be able to find their own peak, including the coach.

We are now looking for a responsible coach for the boys' U11 challenge level team. The team has three practices a week + a game.

Inquiries and additional questions: Head of Coaching Jani Lehmuskoski phone 050 478 6375.

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