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DOSB - German Olympic Sports Confederation

DOSB - German Olympic Sports Confederation

Trainer in Youth Sports (M/F/D)


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Jan 23, 2024


The DOSB certificate training to become a “Trainer in Junior Competitive Sports” at the DOSB Cologne Coaching Academy is aimed at trainers who are active in their sport in junior competitive sports or who are intended for this role (at least in state squads). The training level corresponds to DQR level 5 (ie at the level of A trainer training), but the content specializes in the training of young athletes in advanced and follow-up training.
The aim of the training is to support the trainers in acquiring the technical, social and personal skills required for successful work as a trainer in German youth competitive sports on the basis of a modern, participant-oriented and collaborative training concept. 
Participants actively transfer cross-sport knowledge to their sport. The exchange of experiences and knowledge between trainers from various sports has always been the outstanding unique selling point of all training at the DOSB Cologne Coaching Academy.
Those interested in registering for training must meet the following requirements: 
• Possession of a valid DOSB trainer B competitive sports license, OR a sports science university degree (or similar) related to competitive sports
• AND proven at least three years of coaching experience in youth competitive sports (state squad/junior federal squad),
In addition, a recommendation must be submitted by the responsible state sports association or federal professional association outlining the area of application - see registration form. The written application must be submitted using the enclosed, completely filled out form by April 30, 2024 (entrance to the Cologne Trainer Academy).
The final approval takes place after coordination with the associations by the DOSB Cologne Trainer Academy. The measure is carried out with a minimum of 12 participants, the maximum number of participants is 20. The scope of training is 150 learning units in five modules with central courses plus 90 individual learning units in the preparation of homework, a homework on the training concept, filming a training unit and preparation and follow-up of the modules .
Provisional dates and venues: 1st module: September 23rd - 26th, 2024 in Cologne 2nd module: November 18th - 21st, 2024 in Cologne 3rd module: January 13th - 16th, 2025 in Cologne 4th module: November 17th. - March 20, 2025 in Cologne Reflection discussions: April 29 - 30, 2025 online 5th module: May 12 - 14, 2025 in Cologne 
The final exam to pass the training consists of several parts:
1. Timely completion of homework in preparation and follow-up to the modules.
2. Submission of a training video and assessment of the training activity.  
3. Creating a term paper about your own training concept. The homework must be submitted before the last module.  
4. Reflection discussion about your own concept. (Additional appointment; online)
5. The final examination takes place centrally in a 30-minute presentation of your own training concept with discussion in the plenary session in the last module.  
After completing all partial examinations, successfully passing the final examination and participating in all modules, the participants receive the DOSB certificate “DOSB young talent trainer”.  
Attendance is mandatory. The participants are expected to have a high level of personal commitment (self-learning, homework, active participation in discussion and practical phases, homework, active exchange). Failure to take part in a module can be made up for in subsequent training.  
The course fee is 1,500 euros per participant. Accommodation, meals and travel are at the participants’ expense.
Overview of the planned content
• Position, expectations, tasks and requirements for trainers in the NWLS
• Motor development of young athletes
• Personal development of young athletes
• Learning to move, teaching movement, training
• Trainability and stress tolerance
• Living environment and general conditions
• Successful implementation models 
Application for admission to the training “Trainer in Young Competitive Sports” 2024/2025 at the DOSB Cologne Coaching Academy by April 30, 2024 (receipt) by email to: 

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