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Thorns Assistant Coach


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Jan 5, 2023

Role description

The Role of The Assistant CoachThe Assistant Coach will be responsible for working with the Head Coach to enhance the Club’s strong footballing foundations. The successful candidate will live and enforce team and league rules applicable to the team’s players and/or coaching staff.  Key Responsibilities:Collaborate with Head Coach to plan and execute training sessions.Design and deliver training activities aligned with Thorns playing philosophy and principles of play, including position specific training activities.Ongoing assessment and feedback of player performances aligned with team and positional KPI’s.Work with the Head Coach and High-Performance Team to ensure training sessions are aligned to tactical and physical periodization plans and principles. Assist in the creation and management of Individual Performance Plans (IPP’s) for each player.Collaborate to form scouting report for each opponent.Work with the Head Coach to develop game strategies and define what needs to be delivered to the players weekly.Design and deliver team meetings when required.Collaborate with the Head Coach & Head of Recruitment in the ongoing scouting process to identify players for the team from within the NWSL & professional leagues around the world.Assist with identifying and recruiting young emerging players for the team, including the NWSL draft.Other duties and services as reasonably assigned by the club consistent with employment as an Assistant Coach in the NWSL. Generic Responsibilities:Work closely, constructively, and collaboratively with the team’s coaching, medical, and support staff.Live the team values and set an example for players to follow.Create and enforce a safe, challenging and fun working environment.Attend and actively engage in club meetings as established and requested. Resolve conflicts quickly and appropriately. Do not leave the coaching environment with issues unresolved and conflicts left hanging.Be the eyes and ears of the Head Coach and alert them to potential issues before they develop. Player RelationsDisplay an interest and knowledge of players outside interests, family/education etc.Inspire and motivate players to maximize player and team performances.Listen actively to players and communicate in a professional, comprehensible, and concise way.Actively foster and support player mental well-being, physical health, diversity, and inclusion. Head Coach RelationDo not be intimidated to conflict with the Head Coach (in the appropriate forum) if the issue you believe can help grow the program and improve performance.Discuss, argue, relate, disagree on anything and everything with the Head Coach but develop a relationship where you can challenge each other to find common ground, new existing ideas and move forward.Publicly share the same philosophy as the Head Coach and always support the Head Coach regardless of the pressure or media scrutiny of the situation.  Candidate Profile PhilosophyDisplay commitment to the process for on-going player and professional development.Display conviction and strong self-belief in the coaching staff system and style of play.Motivation to be loyal and part of the long-term vision and success of the Club.Believe in the current roster and embrace a collective vision on how to continually improve.Be humble, self-reflective, and committed to ongoing data driven evaluation.Strive to learn more about coaching, the sport, and the role – recognizing that there will always be more to learn. Standards of PerformanceExhibit strong character attributes and values that best represent the Club brand.Possess an open mind to all people and want to connect and build relationships at the club, NWSL, and international levels.Understand the importance of building and maintaining working relationships with the media, community, and organizational personnel.Support and understand the Club’s business objectives in alignment with the team and Club’s core values across all platforms.Remain updated on developments and innovations in the market.USSF B License or above TraitsHighly organized and detail oriented.Display effective strategic decision making and problem-solving skills.Effective communication and interpersonal skills.Ability to remain calm and handle high pressure situations.Proficient skills in using Sportcode analysis software and Microsoft applications.Possess a strong understanding of NWSL rules and protocols.Show and lead with a progressive mentality (curiosity, persistence, optimism, open-mindedness, resourcefulness, etc.).We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender identity, marital or veteran status, or any other protected class.

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