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TFC Club Goalkeeper Coach


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Nov 30, 2022

Role description

Full Job Description
Role: Club Goalkeeper Head Coach / League 1 GK Coach

1 year Part-Time term with year end collaborative review with Technical Director

Role Description

Coach wanted for never ending journey, fair wages, imperfect conditions, long hours of self doubt and reflection, constant ego
dissolution, willingness to keep learning and unlearning, shared honour and respect in the event of success.
Compensation will be based on coaching and playing experienced.
Interested candidates can send resumes to: and include job title in subject line

Enhance, Lead, and Inspire On/Off-Field delivery of OPDL programming in alignment with the FC London vision, technical framework, strategic objectives 1-3 and values

Lead all coaching, training, team, unit, and individual GK specific meetings and sessions as directed by TD

Support in the identification and placement of GK’s based on FC London Identification metrics in alignment with the FC London global and positional profiles

Maintain a reel of all training sessions delivered for personal reflection as well as season end review with Technical Director

Create a seasonal calendar to coordinate team (GK Specific) visits ensuring all OPDL GK’s are being serviced and visited consistently within the year

Use FCL feedback templates and provide individualized feedback within FCL principles and technical framework to key GK’s in coordination with OPDL Directors

Create and deliver a minimum of 1x performance analysis session a month specifically for GK’s in relation to club DNA and playing principles

Recruit and mentor two GK apprentice coaches per season, investing in their personal and coaching development as they oversee Grassroots GK programming

Support in the leadership and delivery of FC London initiatives: FCL specific workshops, TFC, CPL, OSA, REX/NDC-O Identification events, Camps, Club Engagements

Maintain a 90% participation rate for FC London education workshops, training camps, and Video on Demand sessions

Work closely with Director of High Performance and Director of Grassroots for coach development and personal growth

Champion and innovate FCL session designs and playing principles irrespective of the opposition or competition context

Learner at the speed of change; Consistently seek and plan for feedback and reflection, Serve as club Champion for all FC London players, coaches, and supporters

Club GK Head Coach

Invest in a professionally

designed CV.
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