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Mar 20, 2024


As the organiser of some of the biggest and most iconic sport events in the world, we lead the way in the sport and event industry.

Join the team as a freelancer and support us on our mission.

Our ‘Why’ - Tackling global competitive imbalance by ‘giving every talent a chance’

Globally we have the feeling that there is competitive imbalance, financial disparity, inconsistent playing opportunities and countries not reaching their full potential.

Data from the FIFA global ecosystem analysis highlighted the scale of these imbalances globally. The analysis features data showing the specific situation for each individual Member Association (MA).

Talent Development Scheme (TDS)

The TDS aims to increase the competitiveness of national teams through a focus on high performance in talent identification and development. Working alongside each MA on their elite youth pathways and structures, the TDS aims to support each MA in reaching its full potential and giving every talent a chance.

Talent Coach Programme

As part of the TDS, the Talent Coach Programme was created to actively assist MAs by placing a FIFA Talent Coach inside their football ecosystem; working with staff, coaches and players on a daily basis. The programme aims to accelerate the development of the MAs most talented players by creating best vs. best environments, maximising contact time and improving the quality of the working processes.


These are your key tasks:

Move to and embed in a new country and culture for an initial period of 2 years.
Actively assist the MA with their talent identification processes to find and select the best talents in the country.
Ensure a best with best education, leading and assisting in the planning, delivery, and reviewing of training to maximize the quality of contact time with the most talented players.
Assist the MA in fulfilling its responsibilities to safeguard children in football by promoting a safe and positive player-centred training environment.
Empower local coaches through individual mentoring and use of FIFA tools (e.g., coach development plan), if required.
Coordinate with the assigned FIFA TDS lead (FIFA staff member assigned to work with the MA on strategic planning and implementation) and MA staff members to tailor the support based on the talent development structure, needs and sociocultural environment of each MA.
Ensure that each tailor-made intervention is aligned with the long-term strategic plan of the MA, as advised by the assigned FIFA TDS lead.
Communicate clearly and often with the MA leadership to keep key stakeholders informed of all work pertaining to the FIFA Talent Coach programme.
Conduct visits and support academies / technical centres to actively ensure the systematic development of the biggest talents in the country.
Participate in training and education activities organised by FIFA.


We work hard at FIFA.
We are dedicated, ambitious and innovative.

And we respect our values. Always.

For all roles, we seek talented people with an entrepreneurial spirit and a global mindset.

The specific competencies we require for this position are:

Resilient character who is agile and adaptable to change.
Self-aware and respectful individual able to work effectively in multicultural environments.
Patient and thoughtful in the interest of building long-term trusted relationships.
Curious to collaborate, receiving and sharing support with an open mind.
Empowering through coaching, seeking to understand the context through listening and asking questions.
An individual with a high sense of purpose to grow football talent who has ability to self-motivate in a remote challenging role.
An authentic care for enhancing young talented players experiences of training and competition on and off the pitch.
Strong technical background in football (Pro / A Licence and / or Elite Youth); knowledgeable about the game and particularly about talent identification & development.
Proven experience as coach at elite youth level (youth national teams and/or academy teams) in designing and managing the development of elite youth players (both individually and as a team).
Experience in coach development & mentoring.
Other experience in technical leadership positions (Academy Director, Head of Coaching, Head of Youth, etc.,).
Sports, psychology, or teaching studies would be positively considered.
Commitment to player welfare and safeguarding children from harm.
Fluent in English.  Any other widely used language would be an important asset.

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