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Summer Camp Internships


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Mar 1, 2024


Are you interested in summer jobs at FC Honka?
We hire young summer workers aged 15–18 for our camps as instructors and kiosk workers. In the application form , you can specify which job you are interested in.
The salary paid for the position is determined by the tasks and the hours worked.
1. Camp instructor (Espoo summer voucher)Summer employees work as assistant instructors at our summer camps and other children's summer activities. FC Honka organizes summer camps in the first two weeks of June and in August before the start of school, when we have the greatest need for assistant instructors. Possibly we can also place instructors in our soccer schools. We can agree on more specific schedules separately with the young people. Camp instructors are hired partly with the help of Espoo's summer vouchers, and the young person must apply for a summer voucher from the city themselves when the job is confirmed.
2. Kiosk worker We are looking for kiosk workers for FC Honka ry's kiosk and for the events we organize. We are looking for young people with a customer service spirit and a sense of responsibility. Previous experience in sales work and customer service is considered to the applicant's advantage.The most important thing for us is your personality and motivation. Things can be learned, so feel free to apply for a place!Send the application by 31 March 2024. We will announce the selections no later than the second week of April.

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