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Sports Science Manager


Role Type



Posting Date

Sep 3, 2023

Role description


Reporting to the Medical Performance and Innovation Department, you will be part of the women's professional team.

What you’ll be doing...

Main Responsibilities :

Lead on the Sport Science support of Olympique Lyonnais Féminin players, managing Sports Performance staff and in collaboration with Nutrition, Psychology, and Medical leads.
Ensure integrated cutting-edge, and female-focused, Sports Science support for Olympique Lyonnais Féminin players.
Lead in the management, planning and delivery of the day-to-day wellness, physical training, and match load monitoring.
Support and develop women as women.
Work closely with the Technical, Medical and Performance Multi-Disciplinary Team.

Your ability to successfully execute will :

Responsible for implementing state-of-the-art monitoring, management and customized development plans for all players.
Under the direction of the Director of Performance and Innovation and the Director of Medical Services, collaborate with performance and medical staff in the review, development and coordination of applied performance and medical research projects, contributing to the evolution of a leading high performance support program.
Work collaboratively with the Director of Performance and Innovation and the Medical Director to provide multidisciplinary support and training, implementing and monitoring optimal women's health, wellness, recovery, physical profiling, strength and conditioning, training and match load control, nutrition, psychology and return-to-play strategies.
Ensure that all players benefit from individual physical programs, monitoring and management to track long-term player development.
Develop a training language and philosophy that will serve as a basis for trainingdevelopment and implementation.
Develop an optimal physical profiling strategy.
Plan periodization with the technical team, including daily planning and debriefing sessions.
Develop appropriate daily reporting and data visualization templates to optimize the impact of data on individual player management.
Develop and oversee a centralized AMS system to optimize the visualization and interpretation of physical data, as well as host data to support the long-term development of all club players.
Create and monitor off-season training programs.
Manage and implement all required elements of league standards as they relate to female professional players.
Carry out multi-disciplinary projects requiring the integration of data from the fields of analysis, medicine and science.
Support and develop staff to become leading practitioners through a consistent performance evaluation process.
Manage and mentor performance staff, PhD students, undergraduate student volunteers and interns.
Participate in workshops, in-service meetings, professional development courses/workshops and other development opportunities.

What we’re looking for...

Cutting edge and forward thinking!

Passionate about sport and in particular women's soccer, you are curious and have a solid knowledge of national and international soccer. Loyal, ethical and sociable, you can adapt to any work environment. We're looking for someone who is organized, hard-working and rigorous, with an eye for detail. Positive, enthusiastic and emotionally intelligent, you are recognized for your human qualities.

Education and experience :

Bachelor’s degree in Exercise/Sports Science.
Master’s degree in Sports Science or performance related field.
Minimum of five (5) years of experience in the field of sports science/performance.
CSCS, UKSCA or equivalent.
Applied football experience preferred (exception may be granted for experience in other professional sports).
Experience working with female athletes with an understanding of female physiology is essential.
Sport Science support experience with elite football players (exception may be granted for experience in other professional sports).
Experience in utilizing sports science technologies such as: STATSports GPS, Polar, VALD (NordBord and Force Decks), and Athlete Management Systems.
Strong PC skills (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint), and experience of data visualization software such as Tableau, Power BI, and programming such as R code preferred.

A few benefits :

Health mutual
Restaurant tickets
A discount at our partners' store
Employee representative committee

Invest in a professionally

designed CV.
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