CD Castellon

CD Castellon

Sports Recruitment Manager


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Nov 9, 2022

Role description

We are CD Castellon, a historic Spanish Football club, competing in the 3rd tier of Spanish Football, Primera RFEF. We proudly celebrated our centenary this year, and in parallel, under new owner Bob Voulgaris, have set out ambitious plans for our future as a LaLiga team. We plan to succeed by boldly embracing innovative and disruptive ways of working which create competitive advantages, whilst honouring our historic past.

To accelerate us on this journey, we are seeking a key position of Sports Recruitment Manager.

Role Summary:

Player recruitment is a fundamental success factor in every football club. We bring a global reputation for excellence in strategy and analytics, bringing objectivity in the search for the best talent.

We are seeking a recruitment manager with specific skills to complement our existing strengths. You will coordinate and manage our recruitment strategy combining a deep knowledge of football, a highly organised mindset and a talent to bring structure and process.

You will bring a network of close and highly professional relationships with clubs and player agencies, enabling you to manage and execute player recruitment and trading across the entire club.

The main purpose of your role will be to bring together all of the different stakeholders and information sources, through highly efficient and consistent processes to maximize the use of data and intelligence to identify and secure an unfair share of the best talent.

When decisions are made, you will be deeply involved in negotiation with agents and clubs, and ultimately in ensuring the contract process is completed with maximum professionalism, speed and accuracy.

Key Responsabilities:

- Working with colleagues in data strategy and team analysis, translate the football philosophy, identity, and style of play into clear positional profiles to facilitate targeted recruitment.

- Create and maintain an evidenced based depth chart across the first team, B team and other divisions which creates a clear understanding of squad requirements for successful recruitment and succession planning in the short, medium, and long term.

- Coordinate the creation of a clear, consistent and evidence-based process for player recruitment across the club to maximize the effectiveness of different data and intelligence sources in identifying appropriate players to recruit.

- Develop and maintain an outstanding and highly professional global network of relationships with clubs and player representatives to facilitate effective recruitment processes.

- As required within the overall strategic aims of the club, develop additional information sources and services such as scouting and video analysis to support effective recruitment at all identified age groups and in all markets.

- Contribute to ongoing research that supports the continuous strive toward implementing best practice performance analysis methodologies.

- Monitor squad licenses and budget to allow accurate tracking of players and spend against investment across the first team, B team and foundation.

- In coordination with the owner and Chief Football Officer, lead the process of approaching and negotiating contractual terms with clubs and player representatives to maximize value and maintain excellent professional standards.

- Work with internal and external legal services providers to ensure player contracts and licenses meet the club objectives and comply with all relevant legal and competition regulations.

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