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Royal Belgian Football Association

Royal Belgian Football Association

Sports Director Elite Football


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Jan 5, 2023

Role description


Football is a daily passion for more than half a million Belgians. Football connects us and unites us. It is embedded in our DNA. As the Belgian Football Federation, we have had the privilege of being able to organize this sport at all levels for more than 126 years. Every day, we put our knowledge, our experience and our enthusiasm at the service of our mission: the organization and development of football in our country.

Thanks to its new base camp located in Tubize, the URBSFA now has a full-fledged national football centre. This embodies the beating heart of Belgian football. A brand new, modern and ecologically designed complex, equipped with all the necessary facilities and technologies.

In recent years, the URBSFA has worked on establishing solid sports bases. Everything related to sports organization is brought together in the technical core: the national (youth) teams, the vision of football in the different age categories, data and technology, performance analysis, scouting and talent detection, health and performance, futsal, for both men's and women's teams.

The technical heart of the URBSFA will be led by a strong and complementary duo: in addition to an Operational Director Football (Jelle Schelstraete), who will lead the sports organisation, we will actively seek a Sports Director Elite Football, who will oversee the vision of football within the different national teams and will guide the Federal Coaches of the different national teams.


As an important link in the technical heart:

he has a pure football profile with international experience at the top world level;
he holds the Pro License diploma or fulfills the conditions to obtain it in the short term;
it monitors the vision of football within the different national teams;
he listens to the Federal Coaches of our various national teams, including those of the A teams, when it comes to discussing football content;
he monitors our national youth teams and communicates the necessary feedback to the coaches;
he directs the training of our coaches;
he is responsible for the long-term monitoring of the high potentials of Belgian football.


Applications can be sent before 10/01/2023 via our website

If you have any questions please address them to

*For the sake of simplification we only refer to the masculine gender in the text, but it applies to both the masculine gender and the feminine or neuter gender.

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