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Cancún FC

Sports Analyst


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Dec 19, 2023


We are looking for staff (hashtag#hiring) for the position of SPORTS ANALYST 🦎 💼
Send your CV to --

Consider that in order to participate in the vacancy it is essential to be available to work in the locality to which you are applying or to relocate to it if selected.


Vacancies for the analyst position at Cancún FC (Expansion League, Premier League and TDP).
Use of software tools: MS Office, video editing and resolution. Ability to film/record video.
Basic technical knowledge of the game.
Skills in statistical analysis, of the team, of the rival and of the live match.
Ideal profile:
ENDIT or accreditation of game analysis completed or in progress. Ambition for growth in the professional football industry. Willingness to work and learn.
Knowledge and experience with new technologies applied to football.
Recording of training sessions and matches with specific objectives. Creation of presentations and documents for presentation with CT and players. Preparation of weekly reports.
Use of club-specific platforms. Recruitment of new talents for the team.

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