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San Francisco Elite Academy

San Francisco Elite Academy

Sporting Director


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Jan 16, 2024


The San Francisco Elite Academy is seeking a highly qualified and successful elite-level soccer Director to lead our soccer operations to continued success.Responsibilities:

Club Team Leadership:

Serve as the clubs Soccer Director, overseeing all aspects of training, competition, and player development.
Develop and implement a comprehensive coaching curriculum aligned with SF Elite’s player development philosophy.
Foster a positive and collaborative club culture, emphasizing sportsmanship, respect, and continuous improvement.

Player Development:

Provide coaching guidance to enhance technical skills, tactical understanding, and overall soccer proficiency.
Implement strategies to optimize player growth, both on and off the field, focusing on holistic development.

Strategic Planning:

Collaborate with the Executive Director and coaching staff to contribute to the strategic planning and execution of the entire soccer Program.
Manage and collaborate with the technical staff to integrate and align coaching methodologies within the overall program.

Player Recruitment and Retention:

Identify and recruit talented players and coaches who align with the club's vision and values.
Implement strategies to enhance player retention and satisfaction within the San Francisco Elite Academy.


USSF A, B, or UEFA A or B License (or equivalent)
Proven coaching experience at the elite youth level, with a focus on player development
Strong leadership and communication skills
Ability to lead and work collaboratively within a coaching team and with the broader club staff
Demonstrated success in developing players who advance to higher levels of play
Commitment to ongoing professional development and continuous learning
Proficient in the Google Suite

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