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Sport and Exercise Science and Sports Therapy - PhD


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Apr 11, 2023

Role description

The School of Sport and Exercise Sciences provides an excellent environment for undertaking your PhD. We have an active group of both full-time and part-time postgraduate research students in the School.

The breadth of staff research interests enables us to supervise research degrees in a number of areas, in the sport and exercise sciences and in sports therapy. These areas include: exercise physiology, nutrition, biomechanics, injury, rehabilitation, psychology. More specifically, we can offer research in the areas of: mental fatigue; perceived effort and exercise capacity; training and sports performance; cycling efficiency, mega sporting events and their legacy; rehabilitation; physical activity in various populations; threat and challenge in sports psychology; sports nutrition; exercise immunology, pre-habilitation and rehabilitation from injury or surgery; and manual therapy in sport and lower back pain.

As a research student at Kent, you are provided with training in research-specific and broader ‘transferable skills’, including academic writing, career management and presentation skills. Doctoral students also have the opportunity to train for an advanced teaching qualification (ATAP). During term time, the research groups hold weekly meetings to discuss ongoing work, and there are also weekly seminars featuring external speakers. If you do not have any postgraduate experience of statistical analysis, you can take our MSc module in Research Methods.

About the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences
The School of Sport and Exercise Sciences is one of the most exciting and innovative sports schools in the UK.

The School will be based on the University’s main Canterbury campus from September 2021. We have well-equipped, state-of the-art sports science laboratories, sports therapy clinic, sports rehabilitation gymnasium and respiratory clinic. Our laboratories include the latest equipment, such as our:

anti-gravity treadmill, originally developed to help NASA astronauts to exercise in space
cycling and rowing ergometers to measure anaerobic capacity
isokinetic dynamometer to measure muscle and joint function
brain and muscle stimulators
3D motion video analysis
imaging and treatment ultrasound
gait analysis and force pedals
blood testing and gas analysis equipment
rehabilitation gymnasium.

Our environmental chamber, which can recreate the atmosphere in the Brazilian jungle or at the top of Everest, is based on the Medway campus.

Our move to the Canterbury campus will give you access to some top-class leisure and study facilities. For example, the Sports Centre/Pavilion provides:

an air-conditioned fitness suite across two floors
dance and fitness studios with numerous classes
indoor courts for badminton, basketball, netball, volleyball and squash
training facilities for martial arts, boxing and combat sports
outdoor pitches for rugby, football and American football.

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