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Senior Video Manager


Role Type



Posting Date

Aug 21, 2023

Role description

As Senior Video Manager within the West Ham Content Team, you will be responsible for leading the planning frameworks, process, and workflow for content creation. You will play a crucial role in implementing effective project planning and management strategies, ensuring seamless end-to-end content execution.
This position requires exceptional organizational skills, strong communication abilities, and a passion for creating engaging content.
Key Responsibilities:
* Project Coordination: Work closely with various stakeholders, including the media department, marketing team, coaching staff, and external partners, to understand project requirements and objectives. Coordinate project briefs and ensure clear communication of goals, timelines, and expectations to the video production team.
* Content planning: Develop and implement comprehensive planning frameworks, processes, and workflows to streamline content creation and ensure efficient collaboration within the team.
* Quality Control: Assist the production team by reviewing and approving video drafts, ensuring they meet the club's brand guidelines, storytelling objectives, and technical specifications.
* Content Coordination: Coordinate with external agencies, freelancers, and partners to ensure smooth execution of content campaigns, always-on content creation, distribution, and promotion.
Collaboration and Communication: Foster effective collaboration and communication within the video production and social media teams, as well as with other departments. Facilitate regular meetings, and feedback loops to ensure a cohesive and creative working environment

Experience of dealing with employees across the board at various levels.-Essential
Experience of booking travel and the understanding the importance of booking these in the most logical manner-Essential
Experience of project management and various admin task, such as raising PO, booking meeting rooms and coordinating diaries.-Essential
Experience of Leading and tracking investigations-Essential

Has an understand of video and audio production process, equipment and tools-Essential
Ensure that the quality of all video content is high-Essential

Skills and abilities
The ability to work to timeframes and deadlines -Essential
Be confident in being the main point of contact in terms of enquires -Essential
Multi task various different duties and understand timescales-Essential
Candidates must be organised and able to manage their own diary-Essential
To be a team player and has the ability to work within a team-Essential
Be able to deal with difficult situations, such as dealing with the press-Essential


All staff must evidence a commitment to the safety and welfare of children, young people and adults who are at risk regardless of their age, gender, language, religion, ethnic background or sexual identity. They must also ensure the safety and protection of all children, young people and adults at risk taking part in any activity arranged by or in the name of the Club.

It is a requirement for staff to follow the Club Safeguarding reporting procedures to report without delay, allegations of abuse, poor practice or which is or may, impact on the welfare of a child, young person or adult at risk. After contacting and taking guidance from the Safeguarding Team, staff must use the Club Child Protection Online Management System (CPOMS ) to record the concern within 24 hours unless directed to do otherwise.

Equal Opportunities
West Ham United take equal opportunities seriously and we will always strive to ensure that we follow the below:

Ensure that all recruitment in completed within an anti-discriminatory framework and to ensure that no decisions are taken on account of such factors such as race, gender, sexuality, disability, religion, sexual orientation and age.

To carry out work in a manner which promotes equality of opportunity for both staff and clients.

Employees will be recruited and selected, promoted and trained on the basis of objective criteria.

Research indicates that men will apply to a role when they only meet 50-60% of the descriptions, however, when looking at women and other minority groups, they can look for up to a 99% match in order to apply to a role, don’t worry if you don’t tick every single box. We’d still love to hear from you. We encourage underrepresented talent to apply to all our roles and support accessibility needs.

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