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Saudi Arabian Football Federation

Saudi Arabian Football Federation

Senior Referees Coordinator


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S. Arabia


Feb 4, 2024


About the job
Roles and Responsibilities:

Coordinate regarding the booking of tickets for referees and assessors.
Coordinate for hotel reservations for the appointed referees
Prepare permission letters for referees and assessors
Register all appointed referees in the system.
Prepare letters of remuneration for referees and ensure settlement of all due remunerations
Handle all claims received from clubs and referees
Write letters related to club inquiries (claims, correcting referees' reports, etc)
Take part in organizing activities such as courses-training camps and workshops
Welcome participating guests to their courses.
Receive and hand over referees' equipment.
Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or in a relevant field
Minimum Experience:

2- 3 years of experience.

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