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Senior Production Planning Specialist


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Mar 27, 2024


Senior Production Planning Specialist
Fenerbahçe Sports Club City: Istanbul (Asia) Announcement Date: 13.03.2024

General Qualifications
We are looking for candidates for the position of "Senior Production Planning Specialist" to be assigned to the Fenerium Production team. The basic duties and qualifications expected from the position are as follows:
Collecting and evaluating manufacturers, prices, deadlines and offers for textile products that have been ordered
To follow up on timely, complete and desired quality delivery of the order.
To plan the price e-mails coming from the manufacturers to be forwarded to the relevant departments in a stamped and signed form, and to request them from the manufacturers.
Ensuring that all necessary information about the ordered products is delivered to the company on time.
Preparing new supplier evaluations by conducting supplier market research
Following the contract processes of new companies and ensuring coordination with relevant departments
Examining the technical files of the products ordered for production, forwarding them to the design in case of deficiencies or non-compliance with production, and ensuring their revision.
Controlling the production processes of all models ordered for production at every stage, checking and approving their suitability (artwork control, all printing, embroidery, accessories, fabric quality, fit approvals).
Directing the manufacturer to upload the product on time
Ensuring that approvals are filed and common files used are kept regularly and securely in digital environment
Entering and directing the models planned for production into the warehouse and carrying out all follow-up operations until the production shipment of the manufacturers.
Holding weekly production meetings with manufacturers and reporting to the top manager
Preparing weekly/monthly/periodic reports regarding the product group he is responsible for and sharing them with his superior manager

Graduated from relevant departments of universities
At least 7 years of experience in textile production in the retail industry
Proficient in MS Office Programs (Able to use Excel at a good level)
Prone to team work, strong communication skills, planning and organizational skills
Able to drive actively
Having fallen in love with yellow and dark blue colors

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