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Senior Physiotherapist


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Posting Date

Aug 25, 2023

Role description

About the job
Job Title: Senior Physiotherapist
Department: Medical Services
Reports to: Head of Medical Services
Location: Hibernian Training Centre

Salary: £38,000


Hibernian Football Club have created a football structure and strategy at the forefront of the British game with a club philosophy and ethos that is performance-driven and encourages all players to maximise their ability and potential.

Improving performance on an individual and collective level is at the very core of everything we do. Our Performance Department is committed to providing an integrated, structured and proactive approach to the scientific management of player development to improve individual and Team performance.

We are looking for an experienced, committed, knowledgeable and highly motivated physiotherapist to undertake the full-time role of Senior Physiotherapist within the Performance Department. The successful candidate will have experience working successfully within the performance sport environment and a clear understanding of athletic development.

Reporting in the first instance to the Head of Medical Services, you will be responsible for providing physiotherapy services to the women’s 1st Team and the Development Team squads.

Working with colleagues across the Performance Department, you will ensure that all women’s 1st Team & Development squad players are appropriately supported to optimise their performance in training and competition.



Lead the design, planning and delivery of a comprehensive physiotherapy service across all aspects of the football club, consistent with the football club philosophy and focused on maximising the potential of all players.
Working within a multidisciplinary team assists in designing and delivering a comprehensive player physical development programme reflective of the individual age and stage of player development.
Ensure that all practice within the physiotherapy department is delivered to the highest professional standard, consistent with the application of current scientific principles/research and is set at all times within the context of the game.
Undertake ongoing monitoring and review of all aspects of the physiotherapy service provision, adapting and updating practice as required.
Maintain detailed and comprehensive player profiles and medical notes.
Creation of a high-performance environment, continually operating to the highest professional standards - with no compromise.


Management of Injuries

Lead physiotherapy services across the women’s 1st Team and Development Team squads.
Assist in providing physiotherapy services to the men’s 1st Team squad.
Standardise the management of injuries by leading in the development and structure of injury rehabilitation and return-to-play guidelines.
Ensure the management of injuries effectively meets its commitments to the players, coaches and senior management through clinical audit and accurate documentation.

Injury Prevention

Liaise effectively with the women’s 1st Team and Development coaching staff daily to keep them informed of players’ availability for development matches and training.
Work as part of the Performance and Medicine interdisciplinary team to deliver effective injury prevention strategies across all age groups.
Lead the musculoskeletal profiling for all women’s 1st Team and Development Team players, plus integrate the results into the overall player development plan.
Ensure the delivery of preventative rehabilitation effectively meets its commitments to players, coaches and senior management through clinical audit and accurate documentation.

Pre-Signing Medicals/Medical Consultations

Carry out and coordinate the pre-signing profiling & medical assessments for all women’s 1st Team & Development Team players under the supervision of the Head of Medical Services.
To produce the pre-signing board reports for women’s 1st Team and Development Team players.
To accompany women’s 1st Team and Development Team players on external medical consultations at short notice in this country or abroad. Ensuring best practice is followed, and the player receives optimal care and advice.

Medical Provision at Matches/Training Sessions/Training Camps

To provide emergency and physiotherapy match day cover for all women’s 1st Team and Development games when required.
To plan, organise and implement the emergency and physiotherapy service provision for all women’s 1st Team and Development Team training sessions and training camps.
Ensure all medical equipment and procedures are regularly reviewed and maintained at the Hibernian Training Centre, Easter Road Football Stadium and any other women’s 1st Team, development or Academy training venues under the guidance of the Head of Medical Services.
Ensure an emergency action plan is in place before any Home & Away fixture for 1st Team fixtures.
To support the emergency and physiotherapy service provision at academy fixtures as required.

Recovery (including Nutrition)

Working with the Performance & Medicine interdisciplinary team, plan, organise and deliver appropriate and clinically reasoned recovery strategies post-training and matches.

Administrative Responsibilities

Participate actively in all Performance and Medical Team meetings and other planned meetings.
Assist in producing all department procedure documents under the guidance of the Head of Medical Services.
Carry out a comprehensive injury audit for the Development Team and oversee the women’s 1st Team and Academy injury audits.
Any other reasonable administration tasks associated with the running of the department.

Continuous Professional Development

Lead the in-service training sessions with the Head of Medical Services and Lead Physiotherapist.
Assist in creating a CPD department pathway to ensure the ongoing improvement in the delivery of the physiotherapy service.
Maintain a CPD portfolio that is in line with the ACPSEM guidelines.
Strive to advance working practices both within the department and in the broader sports physiotherapy setting by looking to publish clinical research.
Lead the education and supervision provision for any physiotherapy student placements.

Hibernian Football Club – Academy

Working to support Academy Performance & Medicine staff in delivering an integrated physical preparation and development programme.
Working in a support and collaboration role with the Academy coaches & support staff, ensuring the application of scientific principles and sound clinical reasoning, and adopting a holistic approach to educate academy players in all aspects of performance development.
Monitor and evaluate all aspects of the Hibernian FC programme, ensuring high quality and professional delivery at all times.

Assist the Education and Welfare Officer in delivering lifestyle educational sessions for players when necessary.
Ensure that the provision of Sports Science, Fitness and Sports Medicine at the club is reported positively in the local and national press and is seen as a benchmark for good practice within the professional game in Scotland.
Help create clear lines of communication within the Performance and Medicine department.
To foster strong community links with the wider local football community to ensure that Hibernian FC is justifiably accepted and acknowledged as the leading senior club in Edinburgh and the Lothians.
Ensure that Hibernian FC provides support and assistance when required or requested to support the National Team and Association in delivering football success to the Scottish nation.


Ability to work irregular and unsociable hours as required, to understand that work may change with less than 24 hours' notice on occasions. Work will regularly be outside regular working hours, in the evening and on weekends and bank holidays.
Travel with overnight stays should be expected.
Ability to travel abroad with teams if required.
An understanding of and commitment to fair play and all national and international anti-doping policies as enforced by the Scottish Football Association and WADA.


Qualifications (Essential):

· BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
· ATMMiF Level 5 or First Aid Qualification Equivalent
· CSP/HCPC Registered
MSc in Manual Therapy, Sport Physiotherapy, Sports & Exercise Medicine or equivalent

Qualifications (Desirable)
AACP Registration
Formal Pilates Training

Knowledge, Skills & Experience (Essential):
Experience working in a similar role within a professional football club multidisciplinary team at the Development team level.
Experience in a role that required athlete management with a detailed understanding of injury prevention and rehabilitation strategies.
Experience in strategic planning with evidence of vision and imagination.
Highly skilled in communicating complex data in terms that are easily understood by a wide range of audiences.
Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to adapt to the environment to motivate behavioural change and augment performance.
Evidence of recent CPD and a comprehensive CPD portfolio.

Technology (Essential):
Having a range of IT skills to a high level of competency.
Knowledge of football-specific software is desirable.


· Reports to Head of Medical Services

Performance and Medical Department Staff
Technical Coaching Staff 1st Team/Development
Football Administrator
Education and Welfare Officer
Performance Analyst

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