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Jordan Football Association

Jordan Football Association

Sales Representative / Business Development


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Mar 14, 2024


About JFA
Jordan Football Association (JFA) is the governing body for all football tournaments and activities in Jordan. Established in 1949, JFA oversees various leagues and tournaments, including the Jordan Professional League, Jordan Cup, Jordan Super Cup, and Women's Football championships. JFA has been a member of FIFA since 1958, the AFC since 1975, and UAFA since 1974. With headquarters in Amman, Jordan, JFA plays a vital role in promoting and developing football in the country.

Job Title: Sales Representative / Business Development (Freelance, Part-Time)

Role Description
This is a part-time hybrid role for a Sales Representatives/Business Development professionals at Jordan Football Association. The Sales Representative will be responsible for identifying and targeting potential sponsors and partners, managing client relationships, and closing sales deals. Focused on driving revenue growth for the Jordan Football Association (JFA) through effective sponsorship and advertising sales. This role is designed for a motivated sales professional with a knack for creating valuable partnerships and a passion for the sports industry.The role will involve both in-person meetings and remote work, offering flexibility to the candidate.

Key Responsibilities:

Implement Sales Strategies: Execute sales strategies in collaboration with the Marketing Director, targeting opportunities for sponsorships and advertising that align with JFA's objectives.
Market Research: Perform in-depth market research to identify potential sponsors and advertising partners, staying up-to-date with industry trends and competitive landscapes.
Lead Generation: Employ a variety of methods to generate and qualify leads, prioritizing those with the greatest potential for successful partnerships.
Client Engagement: Develop customized proposals and deliver presentations to prospective clients, showcasing the benefits of associating with JFA.
Negotiations: Handle negotiations with potential partners, aiming to secure contracts that are beneficial for both JFA and the client.
Client Relationship Management: Foster and maintain positive relationships with clients to ensure long-term satisfaction and repeat business.
Sales Reporting: Regularly report to the Marketing Director on sales activities, achievements, and insights from market engagement.
Collaboration: Coordinate with various departments within JFA to ensure cohesive and effective partnership and advertising campaigns.

Commission-Based Rewards: Recognize that the role is compensated entirely on a commission basis, providing a direct correlation between effort, success in sales, and financial reward.


Proven experience in sales and business development
Excellent communication and negotiation skills
Ability to build and maintain relationships with clients
Strong organizational and time management skills
Knowledge of the sports industry, particularly football, is a plus
Fluency in English and Arabic
Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing, or related field.

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