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Referee Development Assistant


Role Type



Posting Date

Dec 19, 2022

Role description

The Kent FA is looking to recruit a dynamic and inspiring Referee Development Assistant [RDA] to join our team at a truly exciting time.

We are looking for an individual who brings passion and enthusiasm to the team and who will work collaboratively with others, both internally and externally from the organisation.

The successful person will be supporting our delivery of the Referees section of the Kent County FA Strategy; to provide more administrative support to the department as well as assist on our recruitment and conversion Key Performance Indicators [KPIs].

The Referee Development Assistant will report directly into the Referee Development Officer [RDO] and be an important member of the Football Development Team.

Key Responsibilities

Support delivery of the Kent FA referee development programme, liaising with key stakeholders to meet the needs of the game.
Work in partnership with the Referee Development Officer to support the recruitment, retention and development of referees.
Recruit and convert trainee referees through the FA Referee Course and local CPD opportunities.
Support the organisation of referee courses. Help identify venues, dates, advertising & administration of the courses.
Support the administration across the referee landscape and service the appropriate related mailboxes.
Provide administration support for the appointment of match officials to the 25 county cup competitions, working collaboratively with the RDO, Competitions Officer and Divisional Referee Officers [DROs].
To monitor and support the referee department email accounts.
Provide administration support for the Kent FA Referee Committee, working groups and referee development team.
Work with the RDO to provide league support to ensure the appointment of appropriately registered referees

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