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St Johnstone FC

St Johnstone FC

Qualified Academy Youth Coach


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Apr 24, 2024


About the job
The successful applicant will be responsible for supporting and implementing the academy coaching curriculum established by the Head of Youth Programme and Head of Academy. Delivering effective and innovative session plans in line with the football club philosophy. The role will have a primary Academy focus to provide a pathway for the learning and development of young players thus affording the opportunity for quality players to sign for St Johnstone Football Club.


§ To provide the appropriate age level coaching at a high standard for a group or groups under his/her tutelage.
To produce a bimonthly report (be it verbal or written) for the Head of Youth Programme, covering all aspects of the youth players’ development.
Support and input to the evaluation of the players based on their role, objectives identified in assessment compared with actual performance.
Produce weekly match report for centralised collation.
Detail young player attendance at coaching sessions along with coaching content and match day game time. This input is to be delivered to the named person for centralised input to database on a weekly basis.
Consult with academy staff building robust relationships.
Liaise and develop a positive relationship with parents or guardians of our youngsters within the development program.
Develop and teach the young players to understand the benefits to be gained in a healthy lifestyle, diet, drug awareness, education and codes of conduct, this list is not exhaustive.
Discuss and select the team during CAS (Club Academy Scotland) games programme.
To attend all SJFC Academy in-service days as required (conducted at convenient times).
Attending coaching courses as directed by the Head of Academy.
Ensure a safe environment for training and coaching is provided.
Maintain up to date CPD for the appropriate licence qualification.
To abide by all club policies including (but not exclusive to) Safeguarding, Equality and Health & Safety.
To perform any other duties that are required by management and within the applicant’s capabilities.



Relevant qualification UEFA A Licence or B Licence.

Coaching Experience

Disclosure Scotland Clearance


SFA Child Wellbeing Course Certification
Previous academy football experience
SFA online Mental Health Course

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