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West Ham United FC

West Ham United FC

Professional Sports Carer


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Mar 10, 2024


Company Description

To support the WHUFC Academy House provision, provide emotional, social and practical support to the players and all general academy house day-to-day roles responsibilities.


To support the Academy House provision during your shift and ensure the safety and welfare of the players within the Academy House is considered
Assist in being a point of contact for players and parents/guardian(s) and families
To have allocated players who you check-in with and liaise with their parent/guardian/family 1x/month
To provide emotional, social and practical support to Academy House players and to have check-ins with your allocated player every 8 weeks
To provide learning opportunities to the players with the aim of developing their independent living skills; washing, laundry, cooking, finances, etc


To have set 1:1 time with allocated player and feedback to staff and families
To liaise with players’ families 1x/month to feedback on how they are
To attend 50% of U18/U23 home fixtures
To attend 2 or more CPD events (virtual or face to face) throughout the season
Requirement for candidate to have experience working with young people, preferably in a boarding/accommodation setting

Other information

Safe to Operate Responsibilities

1. Staff must evidence a commitment to the safety and welfare of children, young people and adults at risk regardless of their age, gender, language, religion, ethnic background or sexual identity and ensure the safety and protection of all children, young people and adults at risk taking part in any activity arranged by or in the name of the Club.

2. It is a requirement for staff to follow the Club Safeguarding reporting procedures to report without delay, allegations of abuse, poor practice or which is or may, impact on the welfare of a child, young person or adult at risk. After contacting and taking guidance from the Safeguarding Team, staff must use the Club Child Protection Online Management System (CPOMS) to record the concern within 24 hours unless directed to do otherwise.

3. Ensure implementation of the club's health safety, safeguarding, welfare and equality policies to create a safe working environment for all.

Compliance Responsibilities

1. To engage in the necessary CPD and professional qualifications to further your expertise (ensuring all Premier League and FA stipulations are adhered to).

2. Always perform duties with due regard to club policies and procedures and legislative requirements;

3. Ensure working practices are compliant with relevant legislation and data protection legislation and/or general data protection regulations (GDPR) requirements;

4. Ensure, where relevant, that all performance data is captured in a timely manner onto the Performance Management Application (PMA).

Macro / Annual
To review the season – what went well, what could be strengthened?
To attend all training events as necessary and sign up to relevant CPD sessions

To attend supervision sessions throughout the season.
Meso / 8 Weekly Blocks
To check-in with your allocated player and log on CPOMS and share any relevant information with the appropriate staff
To liaise with player parent(s)/guardian(s) and relay any key messages
To attend U21 and U18 home fixtures as much as possible
To liaise with Academy Safeguarding, Player Care regarding updates, concerns and necessary actions on key players/families.

Micro / Weekly

To undertake all administrative aspects of the role to the highest standards
To compliment the U18/U21 squad staff and relay key messages to players and be aware of schedules and other commitments
To share any concerns regarding a players’ welfare or wellbeing with the Men Academy Head of Safeguarding immediately
To ensure effective communication with all departments across the football club whilst actively offering support and guidance as necessary

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