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Gangwon FC Football Club

Gangwon FC Football Club

Professional Football Fitness Coach


Role Type

South Korea


Posting Date

Jan 11, 2023

Role description

Gangwon FC Football Club which is affiliated to Korea Football Association is recruiting a fitness coach!

Jop purpose: 1. Player Training (Especially beginning and the end of the training)
2. Coaching and communicating with players on and off the pitch
3. Discussion with coaches about players’ fitness

Skills, Knowledge: 1. at least AFC/KFA ‘Fitness’ License (FT LV2) or at least UEFA A
2. Deep understanding of fitness and nutrition knowledge
3. Ability of using sport science equipment or EPTS (such as Catapult)
4. Same philosophy as the club

Contract period: 2023.01 ~ 2023.12 / The Club will decide to prolong the period at the end of the season.
Condition: 60,000 USD per year (GROSS)

* Contact me if you are interested in this position

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