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Pre-Academy Manager


Role Type



Posting Date

Aug 30, 2023

Role description

The Pre-Academy Manager is responsible for managing the Pre-Academy programme to support the identification and development of high potential players for the annual intake of Under 9‘s into our Academy system.

Full description


Develop relationships with grassroots clubs, leagues, community groups and schoolboy teams across Leeds and surrounding area to support the identification of high potential players.
Communicate clearly with parents and children, ensuring that expectations of the process are realistic, through relationship management and quality feedback.
Manage the Pre-Academy training and games programme.
Undertake grassroots scouting to support the Pre-Academy recruitment strategy under the direction of the Local Head of Recruitment
Oversee our regional Pre-Academy development centres.
Ensure that all players, parents, clubs, and other relevant stakeholdershave a positive experience that reflect the values and ethos of Leeds Utd whenever they visit the Academy.
Play a key role in assessing the potential of players in the pre-academy and support the decision-making process with other key stakeholders.
Play an active role in supporting players and parents as they join the club and when they transition out of the pre academy.
Manage the PMA for the pre-academy to ensure that all information is up to date. This includes maintaining accurate records of our scouting coverage for audit purposes.
Manage the pre-academy kit order and stock on a yearly basis. This includes the distribution of player and staff kit.
Oversee a team of coaches and scouts within the Pre-Academy Programme.
Report and feedback to Head of Local Recruitment on a regular basis.


Experience of working in talent identification in football.
Excellent knowledge of grassroots football in the Leeds area.
Experience of managing a team of staff.
Ability to co-ordinate and multitask.
Ability to be pro-active and organised.
Excellent communication skills.


Inspires others and is a positive role model.
Is personable and able to connect and build relationships with others easily.
Demands high standards and has an attention to detail.
Shares the vision and values of the Academy and is motivated to achieve its objectives.
Aligns with the Academy playing and coaching philosophy.
Takes a long-term view of player development.
Possesses a passion for talent development and are motivated to work with young players.
Able to work in a high-profile environment with regular media coverage and public interest.
Is responsible and acts in the best interests of the Academy.
Is open minded, innovative, and willing to explore new ideas/concepts.
Enjoys facing challenges and have the resilience and resourcefulness to see complex tasks through.
Is proactive and able to identify and mitigate risks.
Is a collaborator and relishes the opportunity to work alongside others to overcome challenges and achieve goals.
Willing to share their knowledge experience as part of a community of practice.
Able to work with players, staff and other stakeholders of varying ages, experience, backgrounds and cultures.
Committed to personal development and continuous improvement.
Possesses a strong work ethic and are motivated to be the best they can be.
Able to promote the positive image of the Academy and the Club.

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