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Newport County FC

Newport County FC

Physical Performance Coach


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Feb 12, 2024


Newport County AFC is a category 3 academy in Wales and the first team squad compete in League Two of the English Football League. The academy provides a training platform for scholar and shadow squads from the ages of 9 to 18 to provide young aspiring footballers a platform for them to thrive to become professional footballers. The club are taking strides in improving the quality and delivery of the sports science department through more investment in the department, as well as building partnerships with University of South Wales, and gyms around the local community. The new head of department is looking to push recruitment from Cardiff Metropolitan University and build a strong working relationship with their sport science and performance departments. The role will provide the opportunity to work with young athletes in Newport and learn from an experienced MDT which has a wealth of experience in rugby, triathlon, professional football, and the NHS. The opportunity will upskill the students in physical development training, working with young athletes, physical monitoring and testing, as well as upskilling in the use of the Stats Sport Apex team series system.

About The Candidate

Key Responsibilities:

     Assist the head of department and other members of the multi-disciplinary team with the planning and application of athletic development sessions for players throughout the academy.
     Be provided a platform to work within an MDT of part-time staff and placement students focusing on a select group of players to work on the needs analysis of the sport and the individuals and produce programs to assist with their physical development.
     Work with MDT members with daily training data collection via their Catapult Openfield GPS system, as well as physical testing of academy players throughout the season to monitor physical and physiological development.
     Communication with coaches and MDT members to ensure a high-quality program is delivered throughout the age groups.
     Assist with the identification of areas for improvement of players throughout the academy, assist with the development of individual development plans and assist in the reporting of players in prep for match day weekends.
     Responsibilities will not be limited to the list above; day-to-day responsibilities can vary depending on staffing on the day and requirements of the session planned by MDT members.

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