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Dec 15, 2023


The Performance Scientist utilizes player health and performance data with the goal of supporting player health and safety and improving performance on the field. The Performance Scientist will leverage knowledge within the sport science, data science, and data visualization fields to facilitate conversations, create insights, develop and deliver programming for players in the performance, injury prevention, medical, and return to play areas. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: collect and present data pertaining to player health and performance, conduct testing if certified/licensed to perform, manage, and integrate performance and medical datasets. This role must work under the supervision of the Head of Performance and collaborate with the Health and Performance department as it relates to Player Health and Safety (as defined by the Club CMO) and comply with all League Policies and Protocols.   GENERIC DUTIESManage all incoming sports science data streams. Collaborate with the Health and Performance Staff in the designing and administering of individualized pre-training activation protocols and in-season strength training sessions. Manage all in-training/game tracking and other data streams and develop reporting structures around data collection. Educate and counsel players regarding strategies to improve performance as educated. Manage, design, and implement weight room physical testing protocols as educated. Evaluate player performance through performance testing, workload monitoring, and other team-specific metrics as educated. Design, modify and apply assessment protocols and methods to analyze the demands of the sport and the capabilities of the MLS athletes. Provide feedback to players and staff regarding all sports science data collected. Collaborate with the Health and Performance Staff to perform activation/regeneration sessions as needed.Support the Health and Performance Staff with performing all on-field warmups for team training sessions when required.Support the Health and Performance Staff with end-stage rehab sessions when required.Maintain the appearance and organization of equipment in the weight facility, as well as educate and enforce weight room rule. Attend team/staff meetings.Participate in activities/meetings/programs as required by MLS.Comply with all MLS Medical Manual and policies and procedures.Document in the League Electronic Medical Record systemSPECIFIC DUTIESCreate dashboards, reports, and models based on the need analysis of the team, which are derived from the team’s desired questions to be answered.Support the Health and Performance Staff during team sessions and return to play programs on the field and in the gym.Create sport and skill specific drill libraries for coaches to have a solid understanding of workloads and thus providing the ability to help prescribe actions and training from libraries.Create specific player profile analysis within Athlete Management Software platforms (Kitman Labs, Catapult, Omegawave, VALD, FMS Pro, etc.) to provide the physical status of each individual player to the general manager and coaching staff. Support initiatives of player development and assessment with reporting and grading for coaching and management staff.  REQUIRED SKILLS Maintain in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of theory/practice/trends and the legal/ethical issues associated with them for the specified discipline service area.Work in a variety of environments with many distractions and noise.Work both as part of a team & on own initiative & possess effective time management skills.Maintain strong interpersonal skills required to work effectively with players, coaches, other team personnel and MLS staff.Expected to seek ways of updating and improving personal skills, knowledge and understanding relevant to your own position. The Timbers will undertake regular appraisal interviews with all staff to address individual’s personal development needs and to produce a training and development plan for the club.Maintain in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of theory/practice/trends and the legal/ethical issues associated with them for the specified discipline service area. DISPOSITION/ATTITUDEParticipating in promotional, sponsorship, and public relations activities requested by club upon reasonable prior notice, including but not limited to, ticket, game, team and stadium promotions, clinics, speeches, interviews, photo sessions, and/or public appearances, sponsor activities and participating in television, radio and internet programs featuring the team and other such duties and services as may reasonably be assigned by club to employee that are consistent with employment as SCC/FC of a team in the league.Always represent the Portland Timbers well and portray an image to internal and external users of the service that promotes a positive image. Portland Timbers reimburse up to $1,000/year to help individual remain up to date with most current methodologies.We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender identity, marital or veteran status, or any other protected class.

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