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AC Sparta Praha

AC Sparta Praha

Performance Nutritonist


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Mar 21, 2024


AC Sparta Praha is looking to recruit a Performance Nutri8onist on a full-8me basis.
Loca%on: AC Sparta Praha’s training center located in Prague, Czech Republic.
Employment: Full 8me – permanent
Star%ng date: 18th of June 2024
About the role:
The successful individual will be responsible for overseeing both the First Team, the Second
Team & academy age groups, delivering individualized nutri8onal support and strategies to
all First Team players to maximize on-field performances, along the line management of
academy performance nutri8onists. The individual will work closely with the First Team,
Second Team and Academy Performance and Medical staff, as well as the First Teams
catering provider, to enhance the nutri8onal strategies across the club.
A key part of the role will be ongoing development of the Club-wide nutri8on philosophy,
ensuring it links with the physical themes of the style of play of the First Team, and aligns to
the needs of the players at AC Sparta Praha. The Performance Nutri8onist will refer to the
Head of Performance.
The Performance Nutri%onist must demonstrate:
- Implemen8ng strategies to support players training and compe88ve programs whilst
demonstra8ng a comprehensive knowledge of the science that supports sports
nutri8on e.g., nutri8on to support recovery, supplements, hydra8on, strength
development, recovery from surgery etc.
- Implement injury and rehabilita8on nutri8on programs for elite players as part of a
team with other medical, fitness and coaching staff.

Ability to work in a team environment and working collabora8vely within
Interdisciplinary and Mul8disciplinary teams.
- High levels of social skills and an understanding of how to ensure buy-in from players
and fellow staff members.
- Suppor8ng Match Day and Training Sessions with nutri8onal inputs and guidance.
- Always travelling with the First Team.
- Ensuring and manage the prepara8on for the First Team including briefing hotels,
ensuring that the locker room is setup correctly, ensuring nutri8onal strategies pre &
post-match (including catering) is provided to Club nutri8onal standards.
- Having presence in the dining room to advise, providing op8ons and ensure food
- To be point of contact for the catering around the First Team around nutri8onal
needs and culinary crea8vity.
- Providing regular nutri8onal educa8on to the Players across the Club.
- Master’s degree in nutri8on and/or Sports Science.
- ISAK Accredita8on Level 1.
- Previous experience of working in a professional football club.
- Proficiency in spoken and wri\en English skills.
- Experience of cooking on a basic level

How to apply:
Send your application to the Head of Performance,

Closing date: 1st of May 2024.

As part of your application, please ensure you upload your CV and Cover Letter.

Apply Here:

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