Football Association of Finland

Football Association of Finland

National Team E-Commerce Manager


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May 6, 2022

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The Finnish Football Association is the largest sports federation in Finland in terms of number of enthusiasts, which is responsible for the football and futsal activities of our country and its development. There are already more than 140,000 registered players in Finland, and about 500,000 Finns deal with football every week. The values ​​of the Finnish Football Association are joy, reliability, success and community. Fanimo Oy is a company 100% owned by the Finnish Football Association, which supports domestic football and futsal with profitable by-product sales. Fanimo's revenues are directed directly to domestic sports activities, so that more and more people have the opportunity to enjoy the community power of football. When Fanimo wins, Finnish football wins and vice versa.

We are looking for a full-time job

National team e-commerce manager
employment for an indefinite period.

The great success of the Owls and Helmars and the development of our online store have boosted our sales to brisk growth. To accelerate this growth, we are looking for you as an “online retailer”! In this position, you are responsible for Fanimo's online store, event and corporate sales and their development. The management and continuous development of the operational activities of e-commerce are at the heart of the task. In line with Fanimo's strategy, you will deepen your understanding of the needs of different customer segments and develop your product portfolio to better serve the needs of different target groups. You organize fan sales of Owls and Helmars in connection with match events. You will act as a forerunner to Fanimo's team and ensure that resources and expertise are proportionate as operations grow. You report to the Sales and Marketing Director of the Football Association.

Useful features in the work are:

Vision for the development of e-commerce and sufficient technical knowledge of e-commerce
Experience in customer-oriented operational management of e-commerce business
Understanding e-commerce trends and e-commerce-related consumer behavior
Excellent collaboration and interaction skills
Consistent and long-term approach
Adequate knowledge of Finnish football
Appropriate commercial training
Possibility to work if necessary in the evenings and on weekends
Readiness to travel at home and abroad
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The position is mainly located at Fanimo's office in Espoo. The assignment will begin as soon as possible, but no later than August 2022. Please submit your application by May 16, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. For more information on the position, please contact Mikko Varis, Vice President, Sales and Marketing (+358 40 5136100) Thu 12.5. from 13:00 to 15:00 and Mon 16.5. 09: 00-10: 00 We do not accept email requests.

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