Medical Coordinator - New Zealand


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New Zealand


Posting Date

Apr 12, 2022

Role description

If you are an experienced Medical Coordinator/Administrator interested in a once-in-a-lifetime job in the sports industry, this is your chance. We are looking for someone to join the team in charge of organizing the biggest women's sporting event in the world: the FIFA Women's World Cup Australia ; New Zealand 2023™.To ensure the successful operational delivery of the ninth edition of this competition, we have set up a local events team. Its aim is to improve the experience of over 1.1 billion people watching the FIFA Women's World Cup, by delivering innovative solutions across all operational areas.We are currently looking to recruit our Medical Coordinator - New ZealandJob responsibilities
As theMedical Coordinator, under the guidance and in close collaboration of the General Medical Officeryou will be responsible for the planning, coordination, operation, and logistics of all medical services for the tournament.The Medical Coordinator will:

Support the building of the local medical team and coordinate and administer the appointment of the health care professionals required for the tournament.
Organise and coordinate the required availability of medical staff, medical transport (ambulances, air rescue etc.), hospitals (beds, emergency rooms etc.), and other medical services as well as the training of the health care professionals as directed by the General Medical Officer.
Support the financial planning/budgeting on an administrative level.
Be the primary contact person for the FIFA Medical Office in Zurich.

Job dutiesYour role as Medical Coordinator includes the following responsibilities:

Administration and support of the operation of the medical plan in support of the General Medical Officer, including but not limited to, medical personnel, infrastructure, equipment, communication and logistics;
Administration and coordination support of the 24/7 medical service operation for tournament attendees nationally;
Plan, coordinate, and oversee the scheduling of medical staff across venues in collaboration with Venue General Managers;
Administering and coordinating the 24/7 emergency medical cover for players, team officials, staff, volunteers and spectators at all venues and for all tournament-related events and sites;
Administer and coordinate the appointment of designated FIFA hospitals, cardiac intensive care departments, diagnostic facilities and other relevant hospital departments as required;
Administer and coordinate the appointment of emergency ambulance medical services to provide medical services within the host city stadiums and in and around the city environments during the tournament;
Plan and organise the education and training of the involved medical providers, including mass gathering medicine and emergency medicine to ensure quality medical services to all attendees;
Administer and coordinate the full range of stadium medical services in the host cities and availability of the player medical centres, VVIP/VIP clinics, spectator main medical facilities, clinics, and mobile teams designed and equipped as per FIFA requirements;
Prepare and support the organisation of the FIFA-led training of all Venue Medical Officers in field-of-play emergency medical services and ensure it is communicated to all field-of-play medical staff;
Organise and ensure availability of comprehensive communication systems for all medical staff and coordinate its integration with the relevant venue command communication;
Ensure that evacuation routes for all attendees have been clarified, communicated and are visibly displayed at all sites;
Develop overall standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all medical services to guide venue-specific SOPs,
Ensure that each venue has plans indicating the location of all clinical facilities to all stakeholders;
Prepare the tournament medical services handbook for all attendees;
Monitor and check that the on-duty ambulances during the tournament are adequately staffed and equipped, adequate in numbers, parked in the defined location and familiar with FIFA protocols;
Establish and communicate the requirements for registration and medical importation for team physicians and FIFA Medical staff and coordinate the obtaining of licenses.

Closing date: 28th April 2022
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