West Brom Albion FC

West Brom Albion FC

Match Day Operations Manager


Role Type



Posting Date

Nov 1, 2022

Role description

To be a designated safety officer on a match day and to ensure the safe and secure operations of the club

It is expected that the Match Day Operations manager will work all match days.

Review all match day policies and procedures, updating where required. To be undertaken on not less than an annual basis, or where other events dictate otherwise.
Ensure relevant match day paperwork and risk assessments are undertaken, maintaining a suitable log / file of relevant information.
Complete necessary post-match online reports e.g., FSOA, Premier League and EFL,
Completion and recording of necessary pre-event checks.
The recruitment and training (in liaison with the external training provider) of all stewards, ensuring that Level 2/3 qualifications are awarded when necessary.
Work alongside HR to ensure all staff have the relevant documentation to work in the UK and have relevant contracts in place.
Management and overseeing of all stewarding functions.
Investigate and resolve all relevant complaints.
Be part of the club’s Safeguarding Operating Group
Responsible for the management and implementation of match day traffic plan.
Ensure full compliance with the General Safety Certificate, SGSA Guide to Sports Grounds and any other current legislation / recommendations as well as any documentation for a special safety certificate if required.
Liaise with and work alongside all key partners, including but not limited to, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Local Authority, Public Health, SGSA, CTSA’s, 1st Aid providers etc.
Work alongside the Head of Security and Match Day Operations ensuring the relevant paperwork is submitted to the local authority for the granting of the General Safety Certificate.
Procure and manage the security contract in place at all of the businesses site e.g., Stadium, Training Ground, Academy.


Be a nominated ‘First Aider’ and so take the lead /give appropriate support in emergency situations requiring first aid treatment.
A strong communicator who is confident in liaising with other relevant external agencies (e.g., Safety Advisory Group, Sports Grounds Safety Authority, Local council, media broadcasters) where required.
Investigate and respond to any post-match correspondence / complaints.
To develop good working relationships with both staff (Permanent, part time and contract) and supporters, in doing so upholding the standards of the Customer Charter.
Supervise match day staff

Club ethics

To contribute positively to the Clubs vision and culture.
To promote and adhere to the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy and to work consistently to embed ED&I into everything
To ensure the working environment is free from harassment and discrimination and any other form of unacceptable behaviour
To fully participate in one-to-ones and departmental reviews and meetings
To fully participate in annual and mid-term appraisals for all reporting staff
To understand the Club’s Safeguarding policy, procedures and best practice guidelines and use this to ensure appropriate and safe working practices applicable to the role
To carry out CPD and keep up to date with any training and updates relevant to the role
To ensure the health & safety within the Club for self and others is adhered to at all time
To carry out all responsibilities with due regard to the Club values and all policies and procedures, in particular Health & Safety, Equality and Diversity and Safeguarding
To undertake all required training, including mandatory Club Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding and Health and Safety training.

The duties and responsibilities described are not a comprehensive list and that additional tasks may be assigned to the employee from time to time; or. the scope of the job may change as necessitated by business demands.

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