Marketing Rights Delivery Coordinator - New Zealand


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New Zealand


Posting Date

May 9, 2022

Role description

If you are interested in a once-in-a-lifetime job in the sports industry, this is your chance. We are looking for someone to lead and strengthen the team in charge of organizing the biggest women's sporting event in the world: the FIFA Women's World Cup Australia New Zealand 2023.To ensure the successful operational delivery of the ninth edition of this competition, we have set up a Local FIFA Subsidiary (LFS). Its aim is to improve the experience of over 1.1 billion people watching the FIFA Women's World Cup, by delivering innovative solutions across all operational areas.We are currently looking to recruit ourMarketing Rights Delivery Coordinator - New ZealandJob responsibilities
The Marketing Rights Delivery Coordinator will assist with and coordinate all marketing rights related activities in New Zealand as part of the Marketing Rights Delivery (MRD) department of FWWC2023.Under the guidance of Marketing Rights Delivery Manager – New Zealand, you will assist in ensuring the delivery of contractual rights and obligations of FIFA Commercial Affiliates and implement all marketing rights delivery planning objectives, requirements and deliverables in line with FIFA Marketing plan.JobdutiesThe Marketing Rights Delivery Coordinator will be responsible for:

Support the implementation of specific Marketing Operations projects and requirements for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023™ in New Zealand at all official sites which include but not limited to; Youth Programme, Brand Activation Areas in Stadia (fan zone), Value-in-Kind management, Special Marketing Programmes, Sponsor activities, Clean Site concept implementation, Accreditation services for Commercial Affiliates and service providers, Sponsor Recognition programme, etc.
Assist the MRD team in all matters related to FIFA Marketing Rights Delivery's objectives and obligations.
Assist in the successful delivery of all Marketing rights and obligations to FIFA's Commercial Affiliates and operational marketing-related projects.
Support the Marketing Rights Delivery team with administrative tasks.
Work closely with the LFS related departments including; Marketing Services, Commercial Revenue, Brand Protection, Venue Management, Marketing F&B Concessions etc.
Work closely with the Marketing Rights Delivery team in Australia, with a consistent approach across both Host Countries, to support with all venue operational details that affect Marketing Rights Delivery.
Support the Marketing Rights Delivery team to implement marketing-related operational requirements at all relevant ancillary events held in New Zealand such as the Play-Off Tournament, the Draw for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023™, Workshops, Official Marks launches, etc.
Provide assistance to the relevant FIFA Commercial Affiliates with the delivery and distribution of “Value-in-Kind” products.
Assist the Marketing Rights Delivery team in scoping planning the requirements and obligations at each venue as per FIFA checklist (spaces, facilities, etc.)
Contribute in the preparation of marketing related matters at all FIFA inspections, visits, FIFA Commercial Affiliates operational visits with the understanding of the Marketing Rights Delivery requirements at each venue.
Support in administrative tasks related to Marketing Rights Delivery's suppliers / contractors and assist them in the delivery of their obligations.
Assist in the preparation and set-up of workshops and related materials for the Marketing Rights Delivery team.
Support the planning and delivery of the Marketing Workshops and Venue tours for Commercial Affiliates/F&B Concessions.
Provide assistance (if required) in the management and implementation of the food and beverage project and prioritise the needs of FIFA Commercial Affiliates whilst maximising opportunities and services.

Closing date: 20th May 2022
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