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LLGN Delegate in Cameroon


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Oct 9, 2023


Job Description:
Do you have experience in business development, are you passionate about sports and would you like to represent our brand internationally? We are looking for a new delegate for our base in Yaoundé (Cameroon)
Functions and responsibilities:
Based in Yaoundé, the selected person will carry out his/her activity as a Global Network delegate in Cameroon.
The tasks of a delegate can be divided into the following categories:
Analysis, search and market information
Preparation of periodic or sporadic reports, both reactive and proactive: audiovisual, competitive analysis, benchmarking, communication, digital and other fields of interest for LaLiga.
Relationship with the broadcaster
Proximity, maintenance of relationships and support for the LaLiga broadcaster in the territory.
Search for projects, forms of collaboration and joint campaigns to promote LaLiga on the different broadcaster platforms in each territory.
Anti-piracy efforts. Obtaining information on those actions that damage the LaLiga product: piracy, card-sharing, illegal websites, counterfeit products, illegal bets, etc. 
relationship with the communication media
Maintaining the relationship with the media, promoting them to talk about LaLiga and its clubs and generating synergies between them.
Application of the company's strategy in the field of communication and digital.
Relationship with the region's communication agency.
Creation and proposal of relevant content for the local market.
Distribute and place in the media the content coming from the Communication Department.
Events and activation
Launch of international events. Design, execution and/or support of LaLiga events in the country.
Guarantee the best presence at LaLiga events in the country.
Identification and development of opportunities and alliances in different fields: sports projects, women's football projects, foundations, etc.
Club support
Local support in the market: identification and exploration of opportunities.
Support during tours and international matches.
Identification of possible alliances with international clubs.
Business generation: marketing and sponsorship
Search for sponsorship opportunities. Closing of sponsorship agreements at the local or regional level.
Search for monetization opportunities
Exploration of new business models and new forms of activation.
In coordination with the International Marketing Department, search for opportunities to develop or license LaLiga projects, products or services in the destination country.
Events and activations with sponsors: organization and support.
Explanation and transmission of the new brand (Era). Market adaptation
Strategic alliances with Leagues and/or Federations of the country.
Strategic alliances with other institutions.
Representation of LaLiga at institutional events.
Institutional relationship with Spanish entities in the territory: embassies, chambers of commerce, etc.
Regional implementation actions
Implementation of regional actions in the country (ÁfricaDay, match…)
Contribution of ideas for regional progress
Teamwork for growth in the region  
The hire will be based and perform duties from Yaoundé, Cameroon.
Complete international geographical mobility.
Advanced level of Spanish .
Very high level of English .
Very high level of French.
Other additional languages are highly valued.
Completed university education: Degree/Bachelor's degree/Engineering.
Valuable (not essential): Master
Valuable (not essential): Academic training in Sports Management / Marketing / Etc.
Previous international experience will be valued.
Previous experience in the region (Africa) as well as in the market of the position will be valued: Cameroon or satellite countries (Congo RSC).
Experience in business development positions will be valued.
Experience: between 3 and 5 years of experience.
Football or sports industry?
Negotiation – commercial
Proactivity – Think out of the box
Very good organization
Quick adaptation
Market understanding
Strategic thinking/ability to generate marketing strategies, brand promotion, and consumer outreach.
Ability to work under pressure and with high demand volumes.

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