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Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach


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May 1, 2024


About the job
This job description is issued as a guideline to assist you in your duties and is not exhaustive. You may, on occasions, be required to undertake additional or other duties within the context of this job description.

Job title: Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach

Contractual status: Permanent
Hours of work: Full time: 40 hours per week which will include evenings and weekends to support the match day and training programme

Salary range: Competitive dependent on experience
Location: Gardyne Campus Training Centre

Reporting to: Dr Derek McCormack

Job Summary:
To plan and implement physical performance programmes.

To support the daily activities of the sports science department and physiotherapists with specific reference to strength and conditioning, player rehabilitation from injury and injury prevention.

Roles and Responsibilities:
This role requires a high level of planning, delivery, and reflection in the following specific areas to positively influence player development, performance, and injury prevention:

Strength and conditioning (S&C) – training and testing.
Player rehabilitation from injury as advised by physiotherapists.

Strength and Conditioning

Proactively contribute to the continuation of the DFC strength and conditioning philosophy that defines WHAT, WHY, WHO, WHEN and HOW we do what we do.
Lead the planning and delivery of gym-based strength and conditioning sessions that influence injury prevention and performance enhancement. Liaising with the medical staff to identify key KPI’s.
Collect, interpret, and use strength assessment data to inform specific individual injury prevention programmes.
Identify individual strengths and areas for improvement, setting achievable targets agreed with players and the sports science team to underpin on-pitch performance.
Plan and deliver effective individualised player prehab in collaboration with the sports science and medical team.
Using strength and conditioning assessment data develop individual player and team physical profiles in the DFC athlete performance management system.
Travelling with the team when required.
Develop and deliver an educational support programme that positively influences player self-determination specifically in terms of strength, conditioning, and rehabilitation.
Keep accurate and relevant records using DFC athlete performance management system.
Align first team, development squad and academy S&C processes and protocols.

Player Rehabilitation

Support player rehabilitation in collaboration with medical staff. Developing programmes for players that drive a performance rehabilitation approach.
Identify testing strategies to continually, where appropriate, monitor players physical performance throughout their rehabilitation journey. With the aim of returning them better than their pre-injury level.
Ensure each returning injured player has a continued plan to ensure they remain available and reduce the risk of re-injury.
Remain up to date on potential new technologies and innovation that can improve injury prevention capability.

Additional responsibility

Liaise with Head of Performance on a daily basis regarding daily role requirements and team physical objectives.
Produce and agree a daily task and communication checklist that ensures all aspects of strength and conditioning are delivered.
Travel with the first team when required to deliver this role.
Produce up-to-date literature reviews & content document that informs best practice and enhances us as evidence-based practitioners in all areas of key responsibility.
Take a shared responsibility for the upkeep and cleanliness of the training ground with specific reference to sports science and training equipment.
Commit to improving yourself and others through appropriate & agreed yearly professional development.
Align with the defined values and culture of the sports science department and the first team manager.
Provide a positive and proactive contribution to the Sports Science team to help achieve the department goals which ultimately help Dundee Football Club achieve the club’s main objectives.
The ability to develop strong professional relationships with all players and staff is fundamental to this role. This will be achieved through education and a high level of competency in the key areas outlined.
This role will also contribute to the wider DFC group in relation to supporting and enhancing the capabilities of partner clubs.
To embrace and influence a learning culture through player and staff education.

Other responsibilities

To understand and implement the Club’s Safeguarding policy, procedures, and best practice guidelines in your role. To use this understanding to ensure safe working practices, appropriate reporting of concerns and contribute positively to a safe environment.
Hold a commitment to equality and diversity in the workplace.
Willingness to attend training courses including Safeguarding and Equality and Diversity.
Demonstrate the Dundee FC values at all times.
Promote the club brand and ethos in a professional, strong, and positive manner.
Work alongside other team members to support in other departments as and when required to promote best practice.
This job description is issued as a guideline to assist you in your duties and is not exhaustive. The evolving nature and changing demands of our business mean this job description may be subject to change. You may, on occasions, be required to undertake additional or other duties within the context of this job description.




BSc Strength & Conditioning or equivalent.


MSc Strength & Conditioning.
UKSCA accredited.



Experience of working in a professional team environment with both first team and development team elite football players.
Ability to plan and deliver individual and team strength and conditioning programming and show evidence of previous effective work.
Competent in using a range of strength and conditioning assessment technologies.
High level of technical competence using IT allowing the management and interpretation of large datasets.
Strong interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to quickly build trust and relationships.
Team player who will put team and player success over individual success.
A sound understanding of safeguarding and welfare requirements.



Confidential towards sensitive information.
Ability to inspire those under his/her command.
Shows initiative, has confidence in own ability with a positive attitude towards undertaking any aspect of the job role.
Displays no prejudice when working with others.
The ability to create highly professional relationships with players and staff to motivate and drive self-determination.
A proactive approach to work.
Possess a growth mindset.
Behave with a high level of professional respect at all times.
Be willing to work cooperatively across departments.
A friendly, positive ‘can do’ and courteous attitude.
A commitment to the aims, vision, and values of Dundee FC.
Good judgement and knowing when to seek advice or support.
Enthusiasm, energy, and resilience.
Flexible, helpful, and responsive.


A positive attitude towards professional development and their own learning.
Good networking skills.


To apply please send your CV along with a cover letter to Dr. Derek McCormack at & Dundee FC General Manager Greg Fenton at by 5pm on Wednesday 8th May 2024.

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