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Queens Park Rangers FC

Queens Park Rangers FC

Lead Physical Performance Coach (Academy)


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May 16, 2024


Job Purpose

As part of the Club’s Performance Department’s support strategy, the role will work collaboratively with Performance/Football staff and players to effectively design, deliver, and review Individual Performance Plans (IPPs) for each individual Development Squad player and to contribute to the physical development and progress of each player to transition them into 1st team football.

Specifically, this role will: lead the design of development players IPPs both on and off pitch, increasing capacity/robustness within all players based on individual needs; lead on the periodisation strategy for the Development Squad along with the coaches (aligning with 1st team); act as the performance lead working collaboratively with the medical team within all RTP for Development Squad injuries.

The role is also responsible for the operational running of the Academy Performance Department (Academy PPC’s, Sport Science Interns, Nutritionists and Psychologists), and will provide guidance and leadership alongside the Head of Integrated Performance to these staff, to ensure high standards of practice are met across the Academy.

Key Duties

A. Physical Performance Support

A1 - In conjunction with staff across the Performance and Football department work collaboratively to develop a systematic, objective, and impactful individual performance plan (IPP) process for each of the players in the Development Squad. This includes both on and off pitch IPP components.

A2 - As part of the IPP process, collaboratively create bespoke physical performance programs and strategies which clearly underpin their football performance, physical development, and robustness. (Assess – Plan – Delivery – Review).

A3 - Lead the development and delivery of physical profiling/monitoring that provides clear and objective feedback to the Performance and Football Departments about each individual player and the Development Squad. Align this process with 1st team and all Academy age groups.

B. Return to Performance Support

B1 - As part of a multidisciplinary team be a key member in delivering high level return to performance support to optimise each player’s rehab journey and effectively return first team players to full fitness.

B2 - Work collaboratively with Medical and the Lead / Development Squad Physiotherapist to develop bespoke RTP plans for each injured development team player with an emphasis on leading their ongoing physical development while injured

C. On Pitch Performance Support

C1 - Lead the overall on pitch training plan design to ensure effective management of players physical program and readiness to train and compete in every game.

C2 - Lead all on-pitch warm-ups / physical development components that are fully integrated within football sessions, effective collaboration with football coaches and all MDT responsible for on-pitch delivery

C3 - Alongside the PDP intern, lead the monitoring of external training load, ensuring individual loadings are reviewed and planned based on training/match data

D. Overall Environment Duties

D1 - Attend all appropriate review/planning meetings (Team, MDT, Performance etc) in order to proactively contribute to the overall management of the environment, players, AOB and general day to day scheduling

D2 - Have a clear periodised plan at team and individual level that considers the training/fixture schedule and provides appropriate proactively planned strategies to manage the groups physical development, robustness and readiness across the whole calendar year.

E. Projects and Leadership

E1 - Work closely with members of the Performance & Football Departments to Identify and develop projects that drive impact to the individual players as well as the club and department as a whole.
IPP Project (Physical Profiling)
LTAD Project
RTP Criteria Project
Pitch Transfer

E2 - Provide support and lead the operations of the Academy performance department (PPC, nutrition, psychology), with effective areas of; development, scheduling, timesheets etc.. Liaise with the Head of Integrated Performance (HOIP) and 1st team staff re processes and full alignment of all services across the club.

F. Safeguarding

F1 - To have or develop an impeccable knowledge of safeguarding best practice to include a deep understanding of safeguarding children’s regulations, including legislation & governing body rules

F2 - To ensure that any safeguarding or welfare concerns are reporting efficiently.

F3 - To comply with all company policies/procedures and adhere to all company regulations regarding policies, procedures, health, safety, and security.

Role Accountabilities
Position KPIs (Process and outcome goals - linked to duties above)

A – Physical Performance Support
- Evidence of clear player IPPs and individualised physical performance programs.
- 3 early physical profiles for each Academy player.
- Evidence of periodic feedback at individual and team level on the above with an agreed achievement rate of progress with HoIP / DoP.

B – Return to Performance Support
- Evidence of clear best practice rehab processes and clear criteria led RTP plans for each medium-long term injured player.
- Injury recurrence rates.
- Evidence of achieved IPP goals during the RTP process.

C – Pitch Based Performance Support
- Evidence of clear periodised plans across the calendar year for Development Squad and supporting other age groups.
- Alignment of training principles from 1st team clearly aligned at all age groups, especially the Development Squad.

D – Overall Environment Duties
- Other Performance/Football Department Staff feedback.
- Evidence of a periodised and well thought out annual plan. Presented twice yearly for peer feedback.
- Evidence of attending meetings and contributing with ideas/actions.

E – Projects and Leadership
- Evidence of leadership and support for all Academy PPC throughout the season, and
well managed staff development plans.
- Evidence of high contribution to club wide CPD and how it fits within the clubs
alignment and direction
- Evidence of professional development plans for Academy staff under mentorship.

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