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Lead Physical Performance Coach


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Apr 16, 2024


About the job
Birmingham City Football Club is actively seeking a full-time Academy Lead Physical Performance Coach to be responsible for leading the sports science division of the academy.


Communicate and promote the Academy culture creating an elite environment for the development of young players.
Have consistently high standards.
Communicate and engage with parents/guardians where appropriate.
Attend all professional development events.
Actively engage in a fully functioning competency framework and integrated appraisal process.
Monitor the wellbeing of Academy players at all times, liaising with the Designated Safeguarding Lead.
Ensure compliance with all the Policies and Procedures contained within the Staff Handbook, paying particular regard to the Equal Opportunities Policy and Health & Safety Policy and procedures at all times.


To act as a Lead Academy Sports Scientist.
To coordinate and lead the sports science program for the academy.
Design and delivery of activation/preparation/recovery sessions for individuals/groups/teams.
Collaboration with first team staff with players between groups and keeping a track of progressions and load.
To coordinate and complete physical testing as per the needs of the EPPP for all the u21s and oversee the academy sports science program.
Delivery of rehabilitation sessions in conjunction with medical staff or as directed insuring modalities and loads are appropriate to the phase of training.
Provide direction and support where needed for sports science & medical staff within the academy to ensure program delivery is of a high standard.
Support players in their understanding of lifestyle choices and in educating them on the role of sports science and S&C in supporting their performances.
The assessment, monitoring, analysis and reporting on team and individual player physical and physiological information using relevant technologies & interventions.
Fully utilizing excel, PowerBi, The PMA & SharePoint systems – Analyse, store & monitor all relevant data, providing feedback to players/staff as relevant.
Implement individual and group strength & conditioning programmes using appropriate periodised plans, modalities, loading and injury minimisation strategies.
To be responsible for the design and dissemination of the gym curriculum throughout the academy with specific responsibility for the u21’s.
Supporting the sports science & medicine department with the design and implementation of return to play objective markers.
Maintain excellent working relationships with the Head of Academy Sports Science & Medicine and other Academy and First Team SS&M staff as appropriate.
To liaise with other professionals as required (Coaching/medical/administrative) to ensure a complete interdisciplinary support on service provision for players.
Provide advise and support to staff and players as appropriate in areas of exercise.
Deliver the performance programme to the highest standard possible, to the benefit of the individual, group, or team.
Use objective markers to identify areas that need physical development or facilitate improved performance.
Have a working knowledge and assist schoolboy staff with “Years from peak height velocity” and implement anthropometric strategies to estimate adult height.
Maintain a comprehensive database of work conducted with athletes and coaches on the PMA & SharePoint – To include monitoring of training loads and intensities through GPS and heart rate data, RPEs, wellbeing, hydration status, session content and session attendance, anthropometric data as well as on/off-field testing data.
Review and update all academy staff on the performance (S&C and sports science) programme as necessary.
Maintenance of a contemporary and appropriate database of all sport science/S&C information, which allows reporting on individuals/group/team information.
Contribution to the player performance reviews within the PMA (5 weekly)
Assist the Head of Academy Sports Science and Medicine with developing the responsibilities of interns whilst evaluating & monitoring their performance.


To provide leadership and guidance to the multi-disciplinary team, players and parents.
Conduct a 5-week review identifying appropriate areas of physical excellence and areas which need developing.
Deliver practical activities across the phases to enhance best practise.
Collation and dissemination of the physical data for each phase to guide physical target setting throughout the programme.


To observe and guide junior members of staff and work placement students relevant to your role as academy Lead Sports Scientist.
Delivery of at least 3 internal professional development events.
Assists in the development of BCFC SS&M research profile to enhance player care and staff development.
Attend all club and departmental CPD events.

The Executives in Sport Group are retained on behalf of Birmingham City FC to appoint a Lead Physical Performance Coach. All direct applications and CV's will be forwarded to The Executives in Sport Group.

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