Boldmere St Michaels Women F.C.

Boldmere St Michaels Women F.C.

Lead Goalkeeping Coach

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Apr 13, 2022

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Job Description Job Description Responsibilities: – Deliver and implement high-quality training sessions for our women’s team in conjunction with the 4-phase training programme. – Lead on the delivery of the individual specific sessions capable of developing individuals or small groups on a regular basis. – Research and utilise effective apps and software to better our current system that will ensure the support is structured and periodised to meet the needs of the players around formation and position feedback. – Work in collaboration with our multi-disciplinary team to ensure that all operations, including analysis and physical development. To ensure all areas are supported and consistently meets all stated objectives, as well as positively contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the performance and physical domain, the women’s team, and the wider organisation. – Activities will include but will not be limited to, the delivery of training sessions, support to the analysis and physical performance departments. Provide opportunities to support the tactical and philosophy of the playing side. Support the social media team by promoting and restructuring the visibility of Boldmere St. Michaels. – Actively engage with continuing professional development and work with the multi-disciplinary team to maintain an up-to-date personal development plan Essential: – Candidates must be working towards (or hold) a level 2 Goalkeeping qualification. – Have sound understanding of the key principles of athlete development in female, adult, and youth athletes. – Expected to undertake any specific training or Continued Professional Development to maintain your qualifications and/or as organised by the Club. – This position is subject to an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring (DBS) check and the successful candidate must be in possession of up-to-date FA Safeguarding certificate and full UK driving licence. Desirable: – Able to be creative in their delivery and implementation of training sessions – Additional qualifications outside of the coaching programme (Personal training, psychology, nutritional etc.) – Relevant qualification in sports coaching of other sports

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