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Oxfordshire Regional Talent Centres

Oxfordshire Regional Talent Centres

Lead Age Group Coach

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Sep 15, 2023

Role description

The Oxfordshire RTC Lead Coach will be responsible for implementing and delivering our philosophy. The primary role is to manage, coach and mentor this group. This role includes evenings, Saturday morning and some holiday fixtures.

• Responsible for the development of all players within an Oxfordshire RTC group and to oversee their technical, tactical, physical, and mental development.
• To support in the development and implementation of the coaching blueprint in line with the RTC philosophy.
• Attend JPL fixtures during the season
• To develop confidence and mental strength in our players so that they can deal with all types of situations on and off the pitch at the highest levels.
• To prepare the players for all training sessions and matches.
• To communicate effectively with staff using technology. Able to communicate with players regarding training and match arrangements.
• To monitor and report on the performance and progress of all players, evaluating against established and agreed goals on a quarterly basis.
• Perform player review sessions on a regular basis for all players within an Oxfordshire RTC group, in both formal and informal settings
• To foster a positive environment for learning and development within the team and the group of players. Promote teamwork, hard work, dedication and determination to all players and fellow members of staff.
• Attend any CPD as directed
• Attend any trial days to aid with recruitment for the RTC
• Attend all Football Coaching Team Meetings.
• Ensure all qualifications are maintained through a programme of CPD and any training needs identified through appraisal.
• Attend fixtures as assigned by the Oxfordshire RTC Manager for recruitment or player development purposes - scouting purposes in the local area
• Carry out any other reasonable duties that may arise or be assigned.
• Ensure team equipment is clean, presentable and well maintained
• Be presentable and behave in a professional manner in line with

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