Infotainment Manager - New Zealand


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New Zealand


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Apr 28, 2022

Role description

If you are interested in a once-in-a-lifetime job in the sports industry, this is your chance. We are looking for someone to lead and strengthen the team in charge of organizing the biggest women's sporting event in the world: the FIFA Women's World Cup Australia New Zealand 2023.To ensure the successful operational delivery of the ninth edition of this competition, we have set up a Local FIFA Subsidiary (LFS). Its aim is to improve the experience of over 1.1 billion people watching the FIFA Women's World Cup, by delivering innovative solutions across all operational areas.We are currently looking to recruit ourInfotainment Manager - New ZealandJob responsibilities
The Infotainment Manager New Zealand is responsible for the planning and development of the Infotainment Programme at the FIFA Women's World Cup matches in New Zealand.The success and the growth of the competition depends on the ability and capabilities of the FIFA team to provide an enhanced experienced to all the key stakeholders linked to the tournament: fans and spectators following the event, participating teams and FIFA Commercial AffiliatesUnder the guidance of the Head of Operations in New Zealand and working closely with the Infotainment department at FIFA Zurich and the appointed Infotainment supplier, this role will be a key link for various parties involved in this exciting element of entertainment for tournament matches.JobdutiesThe Infotainment Manager New Zealand will be responsible for:

Planning, development, and implementation of event production including provision and procurement of all necessary project, staffing, technical, operational, and financial services.
Development of the detailed program including run of show, production schedules, cue sheets, and production plans.
Full liaison with all relevant stakeholders including operational FA's as well as LFS representatives.
Management of Infotainment supplier contracted to deliver Infotainment Program and responsible for all relationships and infrastructure to allow the Infotainment Supplier to perform
Management of LFS Infotainment Budgets
Developing and executing all training and workshops for Operational Staff
Support and guidance of Operational staff throughout tournament as necessary
Ensuring Infotainment program delivery meets FIFA standards and expectations and is consistent throughout tournament.

Closing date: 8th May 2022
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