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Aug 29, 2023

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Aberdeen Football Club has a significant reputation for developing young talent through its Youth Academy and Apprenticeship programmes.
But its not just the coaches who can achieve this by themselves.
A vital part of helping young players settle in at the Club is ensuring they have accommodation which provides them with a safe and comfortable home life away from the dynamic and performance driven environment at Cormack Park.
Over the years, the Club has been fortunate to have the investment of families within Aberdeen who have opened their homes to, and acted as Host Families, to our young players.
As the Club have now established our state-of-the-art training facility at Cormack Park, we are actively seeking families in accessible areas to Cormack Park, who may be in a position to fulfil the role of a Host Family.
Our standards for a Host Family include providing a nurturing and safe environment in their own home while affording players privacy and helping to support a healthy lifestyle. We are looking to provide a home away from home for our players to ensure their wellbeing remains a priority.
We are looking for families which can provide season long accommodation and also those who may be able to afford short term accommodation to young trialists and players within the Youth Academy who may stay during school holiday periods on an ad hoc basis.
Due to the ages of the players, we ask that host families meet our vetting standards and are willing to become members of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme which the Club ascribes to. Aberdeen Football Club ascribes to a rigorous and committed Child Wellbeing and Protection Policy.
Support and guidance will be through our Safeguarding and Football Operations Teams while regular face to face meetings at the Host Family address would take place throughout the year. Feedback from both player and host family is critical in ensuring we are meeting the needs and wellbeing of both parties.
The benefits to our players living in the appropriate environment are significant to their development not only as a football player but as a young person in our society.
We are looking for committed families who can embrace our standards, bring their enthusiasm, their personal investment and become an integral part of our development programme.
We would like families to provide a private room for a player, ideally with access to a separate bath/shower room or that this can be appropriately managed while in residence. Host families are able to take holidays but we ask for advanced notice of this so we can temporarily re-home a player whilst the primary host family are on holidays. We do ask, however, that host families are resident for the majority of the year in order to facilitate a healthy relationship with the player(s) placed with them but also to ensure the players welfare is suitably catered for.
Host Families are expected to provide an evening meal throughout the week and weekend but must remain flexible around this given the players commitments. We would also hope that players could be able to prepare snacks and light meals at their own instance. Breakfast and lunches should also be provided on non-training days. On days where players are training or involved in matches, breakfast, lunch and pre-match meals will be provided.
At this time, we are currently seeking families who reside in areas accessible to Cormack Park.

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