High Performance Coordinator (Freelancer)


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Oct 12, 2022

Role description

We govern the beautiful game and ensure it's run with transparency and integrity.We are now looking for aHigh Performance Coordinator (Freelancer)that is part ofFIFAand supports us on our mission.These are your key tasks:

Providing general administrative support to the different work groups such as procurement processes, invoices and expenses management, contract management and support cross departmental coordination.
Managing team operations for on-site projects, such as managing travel requests, transport, accommodation, facility booking and ticketing.
Managing contract lifecycle and invoicing for projects, consultants and suppliers from submission to payment confirmation.
Organising and onboarding of all consultants including contracting, IT requirements and requests.
Assisting the leadership team in RFI/RFP/RFQ processes in securing facilities for team workshops and events.
Allocating and managing resources based on budget and planning.
Keeping track of budgets and budget submissions.
Managing and processing translation and production requests.

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