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Head of Performance Support


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First Team

May 14, 2024


About the job
JOB TITLE: Head of Performance Support - Womens

DEPARTMENT: Performance Support Team (PST)

REPORTING TO: General Manager Women’s Football
JOB FUNCTION: This is a leadership role focused on the delivery of performance support within the Womens 1st Team @ Chelsea FC .

LOCATION: Chelsea FC Training Ground, Cobham. Travel as required

PLAY YOUR PART (Main Responsibilities):

Deliver strategic and operational leadership of world class performance support across all responsible functions, to underpin the Women’s 1st team sustainable success.
Provide leadership, communication and teamwork with the General Manager of Women’s football and Director of Performance.
Develop close working relationships and integrate with these peers to ensure collaborative, complimentary and cohesive delivery to players.
Lead the definition of the Strategic vision, philosophy, the unification of the Women’s Performance Support team through shared consciousness and the empowered execution (implementation and delivery) of a data driven and evidence based programme.
Create shared language and process for enhanced communication: dissemination and understanding of information
Create a team that has autonomy, collectively contributes and has opportunity to show and develop mastery.

Lead and line manage the Lead’s of Performance Support - Womens (Performance Sciences, Therapies, Medicine, Psychology and insights)
Provide guidance, direction, and support. Motivate and inspire team members to achieve their goals and meet performance targets.
Monitor and evaluate individual performance.
Provide regular feedback to individuals and conduct performance reviews as agreed with the Women’s Leadership Team
Ensure good planning is place, to support the individual to achieve goals and meet deadlines.
effective communication within the team and with other departments.
Identifying training and development needs of team members and support opportunities for skill development and career growth.
Using the support of CFC HR, take responsibility for identifying and addressing underperformance or poor behaviour.
Ensuring that team members are informed about organisational policies, changes, and updates.
Ensuring that team members comply with organisational policies, procedures, and regulations.
Generate justify and manage departmental Budgets with support from Finance
Facilitate the design and execution of your departmental VMOST

Facilitate Interdisciplinary cooperation between the Performance Support team, especially in
Definition/Co-ordinating Author of the ‘Chelsea FC Way’ - Construction of an interdisciplinary Performance Curriculum.
the presentation and delivery of relevant development and preventive measures in the context of athletic training/development;
Collection and interpretation key player performance and health metrics and create actionable insights to maximize player management, development, health, and performance for both healthy and return to play players
Support the design and delivery of Chelsea FC’s Integrated Practice & Individual Action Plans (IAPs) with regular interdisciplinary communication to review, plan and track the delivery of IAPs
Support effective communication with key stakeholders such as, but not limited to, Management staff, Coaches, Player Care, Men’s and Women’s team Performance support personnel.

Specifically enable the Physical Performance (Preparation/Readiness) Department to operationalise an integrated approach to:
Player workload management and training schedules
Pitch and gym-based training design and delivery
Recovery protocols, management and education
Injury risk reduction protocols
Rehabilitation protocols and return to performance
and coordination of food provision strategy for the Women’s 1st team at the training ground and while on the road.
in collaboration with Coaches, Physical Performance, and the Medical Team to plan, deliver and review Individualised and team-based performance nutrition strategies.

Enable the Performance Insights department to operationalise an integrated approach to Assessment, Analysis and Profiling:
Collection and interpretation key player performance and health metrics and create actionable insights in conjunction with respective stakeholders to maximize athlete management, development, performance, and health
Collaborate on the Implementation appropriate player testing/monitoring procedures to appropriately assess player management, development, health, and performance for both healthy and return to play players

Specifically enable the Performance Psychology Department to operationalise an integrated approach to:
Having a deep understanding of our players and “know them inside out”.
As an MDT understanding how to help them produce their best performances.
Players wanting to belong to Chelsea, Play for Chelsea, and are proud to do so.Players being psychologically prepared for the demands of senior football.
Players being aware of and equipped with support mechanisms to maintain their positive mental health.

Specifically enable the Performance Medicine Department to operationalise an integrated approach to:
effectively communicate regarding injury status and welfare to coaches, designated colleagues and senior management.
provide pitch-side emergency cover in training and matches where appropriate.
assessment of injuries, second opinions and in-house interventions within scope of competency, ensuing decisions on players’ medical management
medical screening processes, including cardiac and concussion screening for Women’s players as and when required
work alongside the Lead of Performance Therapies, Lead of Performance Sciences, Physical Performance Coaches and Nutritionist to provide medical expertise in the management of player injuries

Specifically enable the Performance Therapies Department to operationalise an integrated approach to:
Attendance at training sessions and matches to provide acute injury care and immediate management.
Individual preparation of players for all training and matches
High quality management of injuries effectively through clinical audit and accurate documentation
Coordination, development and implementation of interdisciplinary injury prevention and development programmes
The development of evidence based “best practice” guidelines for the management of chronic injury and Return to Play progressions and testing protocols
A monthly review of all injury management in the Women’s 1st team with emphasis on learning for improvement.

DO THE RIGHT THING (Our Expectations):

To demonstrate and live by the club’s values; Here to Win, Be Brave, Do the Right Thing, Play Your Part, Many Teams, One Club and Proud to Be Chelsea
To adhere to the club’s policies and procedures, including Health & Safety, Financial Authorisation, Confidentiality and GDPR.
To act as an ambassador for diversity, equality, and inclusion, and demonstrate a positive commitment by treating others fairly in line with our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy and reporting any acts of discrimination through appropriate channels
To create a safe environment and act to protect all young people and vulnerable adults that are either in your care or attending club premises, and report any concerns to the Safeguarding Lead
To report any misconduct or suspected misconduct to the HR Department

HERE TO WIN (Measures of Performance):

Player Availability and Readiness: player specific, matches, training and key matches
Player Performance Development: defined physical and mental readiness metrics (longer term horizon and return to performance context)
Staff cohesion and growth mindset (within All departments)
Expected Skills and Behaviours:

Interpersonal and communication skills that demonstrate the ability to be a successful:
Innovative and growth mindset

What We Offer:

Our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion:
At Chelsea we recognise that the diversity of our people is one of our greatest strengths and we are taking positive action to ensure our existing colleagues and job applicants can fully be themselves and bring their own unique experiences and perspectives to Chelsea FC. This means giving full and fair consideration to all applicants regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, and pregnancy and maternity.

If you need reasonable adjustments made to the recruitment process, please reach out to your recruiter, who will be able to advise and support you.

Chelsea FC is fully committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all children, young people and adults at risk (vulnerable groups). We therefore require all successful applicants to complete a DBS Check prior to starting employment. Depending on the role, successful applicants may also be required to undergo other child protection screening where appropriate.

This Job Description is not intended to be exhaustive; the duties and responsibilities may therefore vary over time according to the changing needs of the Club.

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