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Kiddiminster Harriers

Kiddiminster Harriers

Head of Medical


Role Type



Posting Date

May 19, 2023

Role description


• To contribute to the success and achievement of the football club.
• To aim for excellence within the medical department and provide optimal service to all players at the Club.
• To provide first class manual and exercise therapy based treatments to first team players.
• To strive to create and lead a medical department that is viewed equal to EFL standards in terms of prevention and management of injury.
• To attend all first team games and training sessions as required.


• COSE training facility, Zortech Avenue or Aggborough Stadium in Kidderminster
• You will be expected to travel as is deemed necessary to fulfil your job requirements.


• A minimum of 40 hours per week.
• Flexibility in this role is essential – ability to work irregular and unsocial hours as required. Work may be subject to change with less than 24 hours notice on occasions.
• Work will regularly be outside ‘normal’ working hours, in evenings, weekends and holidays.
• Attendance may be required at consultant appointments/special events.
• All holiday is to be taken during breaks in the footballing season.



• Liaising with all medical staff and students to ensure that an effective, professional, and efficient service is provided to all players.
• Providing an excellent standard of assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation to all First Team players.
• Reviewing and providing further information on the management of all First Team injuries as required.
• Leading on the rehabilitation of injured players as required.
• Attending first team fixtures as required, providing the provision of pitch side injury treatment and trauma.
• Accompanying players to medical appointments as required.
• All medical administration and maintenance of player medical records.
• Producing daily and weekly rehabilitation plans.
• Maintaining accurate and up-to-date clinical notes in keeping with HCPC regulations
• Ensuring Continuing Professional Development is undertaken.
• Other duties and responsibilities as required by First Team Management
• Upholding and promoting the Club’s policies and procedures, including Health and Safety, Safeguarding and Equal Opportunities policies and procedures.


• Deliver first class physiotherapy services to all players in the first team, striving to return players from injury in the most efficient timeframe possible.
• Be the ‘clinical lead’ physio in relation to all injured players. This will involve case-managing some injured players but will also require you to have input into the treatment and management plans of all injured players (who may be working with other personnel).
• Implement evidence-based practice and utilise advanced clinical reasoning skills during the rehabilitation process.
• Demonstrate effective communication with all multi-disciplinary team members to ensure clarity surrounding the management of all injured players.
• Produce an injury management plan for injured players under your care. This will demonstrate the likely evolution of the injury and take account of realistic milestones in the recovery pathway.
• Produce a daily treatment plan for players under your care, this will be aligned with the injury management plan and take account of appropriate functional markers to demonstrate progress.
• Utilise medical and management staff daily in order to have input into decisions relating to individual player availability and readiness to train.
• Lead on the work, utilising relevant staff in the department, to influence the players’ pre-activation and injury prevention routines.
• Lead on work to create an individualised injury prevention programmes focused on addressing relevant injury risk factors as identified following both screening and analysis of previous injury history.
• Work alongside the rest of medical team to analyse injury patterns and adjust preventative programmes accordingly to mitigate the risk of injury.
• Produce at least 2 reflective practice presentations per season to present to other partners with detailed analysis of any learning derived from the cases in question.
• To communicate clearly and effectively with the First Team Management regarding the diagnosis, management plan and anticipated timeframes for all injured players.
• To accurately and comprehensively complete medical notes within 24 hours of any treatment on club database.
• To produce a comprehensive end of season injury audit report for dissemination to the First Team Management and, as necessary, club Board.


• To travel with the team and be available to provide therapy treatments to players as required.
• To attend all home matches and be present as required in the pre-match build up to a game.
• To rehabilitate / treat players at the stadium on the morning of 1st team home matches as required.
• To work in tandem with your team to be available at short notice on the day following matches to assess and treat players as required.


• To ensure all players undergo a comprehensive pre-signing medical prior to signing with the First Team Management notified of any potential injury risks and the level of risk identified (low, moderate or high).
• Accompany players to medical consultations at short notice as required ensuring the player receives optimal care and advice at all times.


• Keep a Personal Development Plan (PDP) which highlights areas for development and allows us to afford you the time and resources to work towards these objectives wherever possible, which may include club and partner CPD events.
• Undertake the required training in line with FA or league rules/minimum requirements (for example ATMMiF) During your employment club funding may be available.
• Take responsibility for your own continued professional development, ensuring that you attend regular courses/conferences and keeping an up-to-date portfolio of achievements. Appropriate funding will be available for courses/ conferences – this is to be assessed on a case-by-case basis and will be linked to your Personal Development Plan.


• You may at times be required to carry out additional tasks / reasonable duties not outlined in this job description.

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