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Head of Health and Wellbeing

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Apr 6, 2022

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Job Description Key Performance Indicators • The Foundation has a suite of health-related programmes and activities that support the needs of the community of Kirklees. • The Foundation can evidence the contribution it makes to tackling health inequalities and how individuals on our programmes improve across a range of health measures • The Foundation is embedded with a range of health providers and there is a pipeline of funding submissions and commissions. General Responsibilities The post holder will be required to: • Work in partnership with Locala, Kirklees Council Public Health, Sporting Memories, education providers, parents, programme participants and other stakeholders, and ensure our health offer remain relevant. • Work closely with the Foundation CEO, key strategic partners to ensure that funding is in place for delivery of the range of health-based programmes. • Plan and ensure the Foundation delivers high quality interventions across the full range of Health Initiatives projects. Role Specific Responsibilities The post holder will be required to: • Oversee the development and execution of the Foundation’s strategy for the health and wellbeing agenda, including delivery of a portfolio of existing health-related projects, and identifying new project ideas and opportunities. • Work with partners, key stakeholders, and external agencies (public, private, and voluntary sector) at a senior level to implement new health and wellbeing initiatives that meet the Foundation’s strategic objectives, as well as supporting local health and wellbeing priorities. • Sit on relevant external strategic groups and ensure that the Foundation is represented within local, regional, and national networking, partnerships, and strategic events within the health and wellbeing sector. • Use appropriate internal and external resources (e.g., strategic documents, government papers, etc.) to gather evidence that helps shape targeted delivery in the future. • Be responsible for the overall management of programmes, liaising with partners throughout the lifetime of projects/initiatives (attending meetings, etc.) to ensure collective aims and outcomes are achieved. • Be accountable for quality assurance processes including the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of health and wellbeing projects for funders/key stakeholders, also ensuring that the Foundation’s obligations detailed in service level agreements/contracts are met. • Set appropriate budgets (with relevant staff) and oversee, manage, and monitor these, to ensure the targets are achieved and that programmes are financially sound. • Identify and submit relevant grants, funding applications, and tenders/bids for commissioned work. • Capture the social impact/value of programmes/events using outcomes-based evidence and a variety of methods such as reports, case studies, testimonies, media articles, feedback surveys, etc., and ensure your direct reports are using appropriate monitoring and evaluation systems. • Work with the Club’s Human Resources Manager to develop health and wellbeing interventions for staff throughout the organisation. • Demonstrate commitment to Safeguarding by adhering to relevant policies, procedures and values relating to safeguarding children and adults at risk. • Support and reinforce the Club’s commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion, also contributing to the work relating to the Premier League Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Standard as required. • Fulfil any other reasonable duties and responsibilities at the request of the Chief Executive Officer and/or any other Senior Manager/Director within the Club or Foundation.

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