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Jordan Football Association

Jordan Football Association

Head of Grassroots


Role Type



Posting Date

Sep 14, 2023

Role description

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Job details

Job title: Head of Grassroots.
Department: Technical department.
Unit: Grassroots development.
Working week: Full time, 5 days in the week, participate extra activity if federation ask for it.
Note: The work of the Manager will require some evening and weekend working, travel around the country and, on occasions, abroad.

2. Reporting relationship

Report to:
Head of Woman Football for Girls PAC project and AFC-Woman’s days.
Technical Director other grassroots projects.
Sub coordinate: Grassroots project members

3. Basic function

Lead and develop the grassroots game by implementing JFA grassroots strategy plan, to provide grassroots players and coaches with consistent and fit for purpose coaching, learning and participation opportunities.
JFA Grassroots programs:
Football 4 Schools – AFC-Grassroots day – JFA Grassroots Education – PAC Girls Centers – Woman’s Day – any other future grassroots initiatives.

4. Responsibilities

Develop a work program to support grassroots programs across the country.
To establish a network of contacts for raising awareness of JFA grassroots programs and seeking feedback as to the equality requirements and support that each project may need.
Develop a partnership program of activity with the specific grassroots program where engagement is a priority.
Provide support to the grassroots programs on their inclusion KPIs, with particular focus on participation, education, and safeguarding.
To manage and recruit the employees and working output.
Development of a guide for grassroots centres, grassroots projects and participants to enhance reporting of incidents of safeguarding and the delivery of an accompanying communications plan. This will be supported through a small number of events that will allow further engagement and knowledge sharing on reporting.
Support individual complainants through the reporting process, and where required act in an advocacy role and/or demonstrating conflict resolution.
Deliver educational and rehabilitation support where required.
Support Grassroots projects in equality events and community engagement across the year
Oversee the implementation of the Grassroots activity fund.
Support communications team to promote the work being undertaken within grassroots areas, through the submission of regular content and images.
Provide quarterly progress updates.
Undertake all organizational, administration and finance duties associated with the post as necessary.

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