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IJF Academy

IJF Academy

Head of Girls Football


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Apr 25, 2024


About the job
To support the growth of the IJF Academy Girls Football programme through strategic coordination and
professional coaching. The Head of Girls Football will work as part of the IJF coaching team and in line with the
IJF philosophy.

1. Lead and deliver on the IJF Girls Football programme in line with the IJF philosophy.
2. Work with IJF management to meet the aims and objectives of the Girls Football programme.
3. Implement a holistic development programme for all ages within the Girls Football programme.
4. Lead and deliver an age-appropriate development programme.
5. Lead and deliver an age-appropriate afterschool programmes.
6. Lead and deliver age-appropriate camp programmes.
7. Manage and coordinate a games programme for all players.
8. Lead and coordinate parental engagements.
9. Lead on all communications with all stakeholders including staff, players, parents, and third-party partners.
10. Comply with all IJF policies and procedures.
11. Engage with partner schools to aid with the growth of IJF programmes.
12. Liaise with Tours Lead to coordinate experience tours for all players.
13. Contribute to IJF social media channels.
14. Provide and review written termly reports for all players in the Girls Football programme.
15. Ensure own CPD development is active and up to date.
16. Complete any other tasks as requested by IJF management.

Reports to: Academy Manager

Qualifications: UEFA C License, FA Youth Award, Clean Driving License.
Working Hours: 48 Hours across 6 days per week.
Salary: Competitive
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