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Go-Pro Sports Academy LLC

Go-Pro Sports Academy LLC

Head Football Coach (Female) - Girls Academy


Role Type



Posting Date

Nov 29, 2022

Role description

The objective of the Head Coach of the Go-Pro Girls Academy is to head up the Go-Pro curriculum for the program for female players aged 8 to 18 years. Due to the demographic of the Girls Academy, on this occasion a Female Coach is sought.

This role includes but is not limited to:

the management of the program on and off the field- with support from the administration team.
being solely responsible for the management of squad participation in scheduled games and tournaments across all age groups. Liaise with league and tournament organisers/officials to ensure registration and/or documentation formalities are completed.
coordinating individual meetings for elite program players, Go-Pro Sports places an emphasis on providing players and the Go-Pro Sports team with useful and constructive feedback, through regular evaluations, for each and every player throughout the season. Coaches are expected to provide feedback to players on a regular basis as part of the Academy’s commitment to player development.
building profiles for players wanting to go pro or go to the US/UK to include provision of player evaluations and support to all Go-Pro students.
complete video analysis for both individual players and teams utilising the VEO model.


The successful candidate will have superb interpersonal communication and leadership skills, be personable, approachable and able to manage an international student body.
The Go-Pro Girls Academy is the flagship Academy for girls' football in the region and the successful candidate will have a proven and documented track record in the sport.
On point organisational and administrational skills and attention to detail are also important.



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